Fantastic Phone Cases

Fantastic phone cases are now available if you’re an avid fishing aficionado who really wants to up your mobile phone profile with max style and also have a hand in creating a truly unique fishing product.

We are pleased to announce another brand new Fishing Mugs’ innovation, the fishing fly phone case. Six top-quality phone cases with amazing designs featuring the fly of your choice.

As there are literally hundreds of design combinations that will take some time to list in the store, we’re offering a bespoke service at no extra cost for anyone who wants to get in on the game. The idea is that you decide which type of phone case you prefer and choose any fly from our current fishing mugs range (there are 61 to choose from at the last count) and we’ll produce a unique phone case using that fly. Not only will you own a beautiful phone case, you’ll have the kudos of owning phone case number 1 of that newly created product line.

The case types are;

  1. Snap case
  2. Tough case
  3. Clear case
  4. Flexi case
  5. Folio wallet case
  6. Eco case

We’ve created a full colour pdf brochure that has all the details.

You can download it for FREE right here. Go and get it now, decide on the case type you like best, choose your preferred fishing fly and send us your order, we’ll do the rest.

If you just can’t wait to grab one of these brilliant new cases, let us have your info using this form and we’ll get moving with your order or enquiry.

To browse the Fishing Mugs range to see which flies you can have included in your phone case tap or click HERE

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