Fishing News Roundup 102

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Now, let’s get on with this week’s news.

Here’s this week’s roundup

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Burnfoot Beat owner explains what gets people hooked on fishing

The Cumberland News

Story: Matthew O’Hara

THE OWNER of a local fishing patch has spoken about why people take up the hobby… and detailed the ongoing issues facing her ‘beat’. Julie Hunter is the owner of Burnfoot Beat, a fishing patch along the Border Esk River which spans from the outskirts of Longtown to the River Lyne. This beat is a hotspot for anglers, with people coming from across the UK, Wales, and Scotland to fish the patch, which is inhabited by trout and salmon. Read more…

4 tips for topwater smallmouth bass fishing

Hatch Magazine

Story: George Daniel

Fly fishing the summertime smallmouth surface bite… Every July, I take a multi-week western road trip to visit my brother in West Yellowstone, work a few clinics in ID and MT, and chase trout amongst some of our nation’s most beautiful landscapes. While many making the same trip would be anticipating the highlight reels of themselves fooling large trout with an amazing, mountainous backdrop, I often find myself asking “why am I leaving the topwater bass bite back home?” I’ve become torn between spending my time chasing trout out west or staying close to home to pursue large smallmouth bass that love to take surface flies. Read more…

This parasitic ‘vampire fish’ that has circular rows of teeth and sucks the blood out of its hosts is making a comeback in the Great Lakes

Business Insider

Story: Lloyd Lee

A creepy, parasitic fish that thrives by sucking the blood out of its hosts — earning the nickname “vampire fish” — is making a comeback in the Great Lakes after the pandemic interrupted population control of the species. The fish, which has a circular row of teeth, a serrated tongue, and an eel-like shape, is called the sea lamprey. Read more…

Brexit revives historic herring fishing after 25-year hiatus

The Telegraph

Story: Gordon Rayner

The Isle of Man’s historic herring industry is being revived after a quarter of a century thanks to a post-Brexit deal with the UK over fishing quotas. The island’s fishermen will be able to land four times as many herring as before and will also be allowed to catch 235 tonnes of langoustines, worth a total of more than £2 million per year to the island’s economy. Read more…

Better to have loved and lost during our barbel quest

Norwich Evening News

Story: John Bailey

Bob Mortimer says that the only real beauty that we see in our fishing lives is natural and apart from the very occasional old bridge or thatched cottage, perhaps, anything made by man is going to detract from the scene. Who am I to argue with Bob and generally I agree his point is sound but know that before I came to Norfolk aged six or so, my fishing was done up north? Canals, mills, workers cottages, chimneys and soot were my world and I found something haunting in it then as I do to this day. So, when I found myself Bakewell way last week, it was something of a homecoming, with a quest thrown in for good measure. Read more…

Commonwealth Fly Fishing Championships: Northern Ireland team’s third triumph

Northern Ireland World

The Northern Ireland team has celebrated a third consecutive win at the Commonwealth Fly Fishing Championships. Organised by the Trout Anglers Federation of Ireland (T.A.F.I.), the event was held in Islay, Scotland between June 27 and July 2. The T.A.F.I. Northern Ireland Team captain, Alan McDade said: “I am so proud of my team and their commitment, hard work and tenacity in going to the championship with a desire to win and to win well in what were very difficult and trying weather conditions. Read more…

Britain’s new ‘battery’ salmon farm – the huge new indoor fish tanks coming to Grimsby


Story: Cahal Milmo

Grimsby’s revolutionary land-based salmon farm could slash pollution and return fishing to Grimsby as early as 2025 but critics argue it amounts to aquatic ‘battery’ farming. The disused New Clee railway sidings on the outer edge of Grimsby would seem an unlikely spot for a project with an eye-catching claim to revolutionise British salmon farming. Read more…

Perthshire river teeming with trout and surrounding woodland put on the market for £100,000

Daily Record

Story: Robbie Chalmers

The sale of Wester Invervar Wood and River includes ownership to the midpoint of a section of the River Lyon. A stretch of Perthshire river teeming with trout and surrounding woodland has been put up for sale for offers over £100,000. The sale of Wester Invervar Wood and River includes ownership to the midpoint of a section of the River Lyon which flows east past the property. Read more…

Nigel Duncan on fishing: How to get into angling this summer

Edinburgh Evening News

Story: Nigel Duncan

Encouraging new blood into fishing is considered critical for the sport and two initiatives have been confirmed for the summer holidays to do just that. One is on the Scottish canals and the other is at a stillwater in the Borders. Let’s Fish! Scotland’s Canals is designed to get young people out in the fresh air and interacting with nature and the organisers hope that it is a project which will capture their imagination. Read more…

Another Day on the River Doon, Ayrshire, Scotland

Davie McPhail

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