Fishing News Roundup 106

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Angler says enormous 150lb UK sturgeon was ‘like hooking a steam train’

Angling Times

Story: Freddie Sandford – News Editor

Historically British anglers have had to travel far and wide to tangle with fish weighing over the 100lb mark, but these days there are more truly enormous specimens in our waters than ever before. Andrew Taylor is the latest angler to have done battle with a freshwater giant on home soil, having just caught this impressive 150lb sturgeon. The Birmingham angler was fishing a water in the Midlands and took the fish on a large piece of luncheon meat. Read more…

Lake trout: An underappreciated target for fly anglers

Hatch Magazine

Story: Chris Hunt

It was just one of those “fishy” places, where two stunning backcountry Alaskan rivers come together and form a river with a much more famous reputation. The two smaller rivers, each running out of fairly substantial lakes higher in the drainage, are largely unknown (at least by their names on the map). Where their currents collide and the “big” river starts is this mishmash of foam and detritus and erratic whirlpools. Read more…

UK Government seizes post-Brexit freedoms for fishing industry

Gov UK

New measures will support thriving fishing industry. The UK Government has today set out further steps to deliver a thriving, sustainable fishing industry and healthy marine environment for generations to come. Seizing the opportunities of our freedoms outside the EU, the UK is introducing a world class system of fisheries management which draws on the best available science and the expertise of our fishermen to ensure our fish stocks are healthy and sustainable long into the future. Read more…

Over 300lb of bream landed in phenomenal river fishing match

Angling Times

Story: Freddie Sandford – News Editor

While 100lb is a great weight on any English river, Mirfield AC’s Craig Turbitt more than trebled that during a match on the River Calder, landing a club record 309lb 7oz haul of bream. Fishing a simple groundbait feeder, Craig landed around 50 fish averaging just over 6lb, with some closer to 9lb. Read more…

Paul’s Uncanny Billy Connolly Impression | Gone Fishing

Bob Mortimer & Paul Whitehouse

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