Fishing News Roundup 108

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River Coquet producing excellent fishing after recent rain

Northumberland Gazette

Story: Bob Smith

With the recent rain, the Northumbrian Federation stretches on the Coquet in particular have been producing excellent sport, writes Bob Smith. The most exciting catch during the last week, was a spectacular salmon caught on the fly. The fish was in super condition and was taken in the Pauperhaugh area. Migratory salmon and sea trout have been caught throughout the system, even in the Rothbury area. Read more…

Dounreay Fly Fishing Association: Bracey claims KML Trophy after switch to Loch Calder

John O’Groat Journal and Caithness Courier

The serene waters of Loch Watten were due to witness the annual Watten evening boat fishing competition last week, but nature had a different plan. The presence of blue-green algae rendered the loch unfit for the contest, forcing a swift relocation to Loch Calder. Read more…

Ghost fishing heads to Shetland to tackle ‘nightmare nets’

Dive Magazine

Story: Mark ‘Crowley’ Russell

Award-winning charity Ghost Fishing UK has announced that a team of volunteer divers will be heading to Shetland in August for a week-long mission to help the islands’ fishing community clear the waters of huge, abandoned gill nets. Ghost Fishing UK is conducting the operation in response to reports from Shetland’s fishermen, who have been protesting the finding of the gill nets, which are alleged to have been used, then dumped, by foreign vessels. Read more…

John Bailey: On his book with Gone Fishing’s Paul Whitehouse

Eastern Daily Press

Story: John Bailey

This might well sound like a blatant plug, but I do have more than crude commercialism in mind – honest. Next month, ‘How We Fish – The Love, Life and Joy of the Riverbank’ by Paul Whitehouse and John Bailey hits a book shop near you. I’m sure it will sell faster than anything Prince Harry can cobble together, so hurry to avoid disappointment… or most probably not as the case might turn out to be. Whatever, I have a solid point I want to make about my first tome for many years. Read more…

Stark warning for anglers as RSPCA warns British wildlife injured by old fishing gear skyrocketing

National World

Story: Amber Allott

A cygnet with its oesophagus torn open, and a hedgehog which could not be saved after it swallowed a hook are just two of the victims of discarded fishing gear this summer. The RSPCA has issued a warning to new and inexperienced anglers as National Fishing Month gets underway, after the number of calls in 2022 reporting wildlife injured by fishing litter almost doubled over the summer – with 186 reports in July compared to 94 in January. Read more…

Fishing Harelaw Trout Fishery

Davie McPhail

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