Fishing News Roundup 11

Welcome back to another Sunday’s worth of fishing facts and features. We’ve had dozens of new subscribers join us this week so a special welcome to them as this will be their first taste of Fishing News Roundup. I’m sure regular readers will tell you it’s worth a little while of your time to sit back, relax and browse through the weekly crop of stories.

Here’s a couple of reader contributions to kick things off!

A bad year on the River Bush

Stephen McKillop messaged to say “The River Bush here in Northern Ireland, BUSHMILLS Co Antrim is having a terrible year with very few salmon coming up the river, what can be done ???”. I checked out out a couple of old forum posts and apparently, 2017 was also a really bad year. There’s no indication of what might be the trouble. If anyone out there has more information then we would appreciate your input.

William’s first skate.

William Williams has been a busy lad. You might remember his seabass catch from last week. Well, how about this as a topper. A 174lb back-breaking skate, returned on mackerel, was caught from Ian Burnett’s On Yer Marks boat.

I asked how long it took to land. “About an hour mate but Ian kept me right with a glove and the rod pad around my waist got the fish halfway up and was burst then it dived right back down again it’s like catching a prehistoric giant quite scary but wow a fish of a lifetime so happy to get it measured and returned to the sea you just take a breath and think wow we are so lucky to have our hobby fishing: memory’s we will treasure forever,” said William.

Got your own fishing memories? Keep them coming please. You can send your photos and stories to me at

Here’s this week’s roundup.

Anglers banned from taking River Severn salmon catch home

BBC News

The Environment Agency said the new measures are to ensure more salmon get through to spawning grounds. Picture: Getty Images

River Severn anglers have been banned from taking their catch of salmon home with them under new by-laws. The Environment Agency (EA) catch and release rules came into force along the length of the river this week, in a bid to protect dwindling salmon stocks. The Severn Fisheries Group, which represents 30,000 anglers, had criticised the plans claiming it would encourage illegal fishing and poaching. Read more…

Greys Fly Rods and Reels Offer High Performance at Entry-Level Prices

Outdoor Life

Jessica Haydahl Richardson – Story: Christine Peterson

A good all-purpose fly rod should cast a heavy nymphing rig or dry fly, and these Greys rods definitely do both. Fly fishing, it seems, is facing a kind of renaissance. Anglers are flooding rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and ponds in record numbers, buying fishing licenses and whatever fly fishing gear — like Greys fly rods and reels—they can get their hands on. Read more…

9 of the best places to go fishing in Norfolk

Eastern Daily Press

Barford Lakes has some great facilities available on the site – Credit: Evening News © 2005 – Story: Own Sennitt

From the Broads National park to the North Norfolk coast, Norfolk’s waterways offer some of the best places to go fishing in the country. Saltwater fishing, private and public fishing locations can all be found throughout the county. Freshwater fishing is particularly good in Norfolk, with over 300sq km of lakes and rivers to try your luck in. Read more…

Angling: ‘Old school’ is the way to go

Liverpool Echo

Liverpool’s Gary Green won the Alliance’s Club Championship on Sunday. (Image: Liverpool Echo) – Story: Joe Farrell

Whenever I think back to the very early days of carp fishing on commercials, I know it would be fair to say that two of the main baits that always come to mind today, the ones that are important to everyone’s kit, would be simply corn and hemp. With that, many may immediately argue, as pellet, a bait that is probably the most influential and most common within our armoury today is effectively the real major player.For many it would be their individual first choice. Read more…

Conserving wild salmon

Scottish Government

More than £500,000 to study the pressures faced from pollution and climate change. A project to gauge the impact of environmental and climate change on Scotland’s iconic wild salmon population has begun. The numbers of wild Atlantic salmon returning to Scotland have declined over the last four decades by around 40%, impacting the conservation status of many rivers in the country. Read more…

Fishing for food supply answers

The Scotsman

Small-scale fisheries and aquaculture are often overlooked by policy and decision makers, despite providing livelihoods for more than 100 million people and sustenance for a billion worldwide. And while much of the benefits of encouraging such enterprises would be enjoyed in developing countries, Scotland could also gain from placing more importance on the aquaculture sector, according to a major international study just published. Read more…

Faroes dolphin hunt. Scottish fisheries kill dolphins too

The Herald

In this image released by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, the carcasses of dead white-sided dolphins lay on a beach after being pulled from the blood-stained water on the island of Eysturoy which is part of the Faeroe Islands Sunday, Sept. 12, 2021 – Story: Vicky Allan

THE images were shocking, sure enough – bodies of dolphins laid out on the beach, streaked with blood, a sea turned red. Footage from the Faroese “Grind”, their hunt for pilot whales or white-sided dolphin, always is. But before we rant and about that bloody speck in the eyes of the Faroese, we should look at the plank in our own. It may be less visible, but it is there. Read more…

Gone Fishing: The Consultant’s View – The Norfolk Broads

Fish and Fly

Story: John Bailey

I was never enthralled by the concept of the Broads, perhaps because familiarity breeds contempt. Because of the pressures on it, I have spent fifty years avoiding the Broads on June 16th, not actively seeking them out. Did you see that boat traffic? What you did not see were the midges that infested the river as dawn broke, and old JB was piling in the bait. Horrendous! Read more…

Like fishing? Snap up your own fishery on the River Deveron

The Press and Journal

Lower Castles fishings on the River Deveron

An Aberdeenshire fishery renowned for its first class salmon has hit the market – and it can be yours for £200,000. The Lower and Upper Castle fishings are situated in the countryside near Huntly and stretch for two miles along the River Deveron. The fishery offers single and double bank fishing for salmon, sea trout and brown trout with the river having the fifth-highest salmon and sea trout rod catch in Scotland. Read more…

John Bailey: What on earth to make of the angling week!

Eastern Daily Press

Enoka catches a barbel the Orvis way! – Picture and story: John Bailey

I was shocked. Day One of the week in question, I was in conversation with three of the present top carp anglers in the country, all in their 30s. They are stars of social media and catch amazing fish, but the roots of carp fishing, of where what they love came from, are a foreign country to them. Jack Hilton… Read more…

The Boyd Report

ORCHILL LOCH – (Braco) The fishing was good again last week with William Smillie from Kilsyth taking 4 fish for 11lbs 8oz – best 3lbs 8oz on an Olive Damsel, Archie Fisher (Kilsyth) 1 fish for 3 lbs on a Daddy, R Hynd (Almondbank) 3 fish 8 lbs 4oz on a Black Lure, Mark Dewar (Dunning) 2 fish 6 lbs on Hoppers, E & M Feighan (Bonnybridge) 4 fish 11 lbs on a Damsel and an Ally McCoist, A Burns (Perth) 3 fish 12 lbs on  Dries and Andy Templeman from Blair Atholl caught 3 fish weighing 7 lbs on a Yellow Dancer and an Orange Blob. K Muckersie from Peebles took 4 fish for 8 lbs on Buzzers, Alan Knox (Peebles) 13 fish C&R on Buzzers, John Mackie (Livingston) 8 C&R on Dries, Richard Kerr (Fallin) 2 fish 5 lbs on a Black Bunny Leech, Peter Coelho (Paisley) 1 fish 3 lbs on a Black Lure and Eric Law fro Paisley 1 fish for 4lbs 4oz on a  Tandem  Cat.

FRANDY – (Gleneagles) Fishing from the bank Davie McCoist from Sauchie caught and released 10,  Andy Hunter (Alloa) 7 c/r, John Wilson (Dunfermline) 7 c/r, Robert Peden (Kelty) kept 2 fish weighing 4lb and  released a further 3,  Ronnie Turnbull (Tillicoultry) 5. C/R, Colin Shepherd (Dundee) 7 c/r, Johnny Adamson (Dundee) kept 3 fish weighing 6lb and Jim Donnelly from Tullibody kept 2 fish weighing 4lb 8oz and returned 3.  

Fishing from the boats Stephen Francis & Billy Muir from Barrhead caught and released 20, Scott McKenzie (Sauchie) kept 4 fish weighing 7lb, George Keith & Tom Lansdown (Dunfermline) 5 fish for 9lb 12oz,  Ross Carnegie & Nichola Campbell (Dunfermline) fishing over 2 days had 31 c/r,  Brian Hepburn & Alex Hamilton (Kelty) kept 6 fish weighing 12lb and Ron Harrison from Forteviot kept 4 fish weighing 8lb 12oz.

On the angling club front IBM Freshwater A/C kept 21 fish weighing 42lb and released a further 4, Clydesdale Bank A/C kept 21 fish weighing 40lb and  released 12, Falkirk Fly Dressers kept 13 fish weighing 23lb and Stanley A/C kept 28 fish weighing 44lb 8oz.

The top catching flies included the Daddy Longlegs, Kate McLaren, Black Pennell, Olive Hopper & Yellow Owl & Klinkhammer Ann all areas continue to fish well.

SWANSWATER – (Stirling)  It was a mainly cool and calm week with some bright spells and cool nights.   The water temperature dropped by a couple of degrees again and is sitting around 14oC.   For most of the week the fish were to be found in the top 3 feet of the water, with the area from the Dam to the Big Tree being the most productive for those fishing from the bank.   The boats also continue to do well.  Once again, a wide variety of flies were taking fish including Daddy Long Legs, Hopper, Black Spider, Bibio, Kate McLaren, Olive nymph, Diawl Bach, Cormorant, Buzzer, Damsel, Ally McCoist and Tadpole all proving popular.   Some days a fast retrieve was needed to attract the fish but at other times, anglers were doing well fishing almost static.   On the Millpond, maggots, mepps and spinners were taking most of the fish.

It was a good week for Browns and Golds with several of both varieties featuring in the catch returns, including some superb Golds weighing in around the 7lb mark.   A couple of bigger Rainbows were also landed this week, including one each for father and son, Robert and Alistair Smith. Robert was fly fishing on Swanswater, and Alistair was bait fishing on the Millpond.  Kyle Crossan had the best bag of the week on Friday with 4 for 17lb 8oz including 7lb Gold and 5lb Brown, and also landed 3 for 8lb including a Gold earlier in the week.

Others doing well on the fly included Robert Smith 4 for 15lb including 7lb 8oz Rainbow,Callum McMillan 7lb 12oz Gold, Tam Baillie 3 for 11lb 4oz including 6lb 11oz Gold, &Barry Lee 4 for 11lb 8oz from the Millpond including 6lb 8oz Gold, Jim Allan 2 for 6lb 8oz including 4lb 8oz Brown and Danny Doherty 5 for 11lb including a Brown. Joe Malcolmson 4 for 10lb, Bobby Adams 4 for 9lb, plus 1 C&R, David Robertson 3 for 8lb, Craig Faller 3 for 7lb 8oz including a Brown, Tom Pate 3 for 6lb 4oz including a Brown and Ryan Hepburn 2 for 5lb 8oz including a Brown, plus 7 C&R. Frank Barr caught and released 17 in three visits, Gary MacLachlan caught and released 8, Hamish Dickson caught and released 5, Gary Doig caught and released 5, Ian Whitfield caught and released 5 and Mark Hall caught and released 5. 10-year-old Alistair Smith 7lb 8oz Rainbow, Calan McLachlan 3 for 8lb including 5lb 8oz Rainbow, Alan Duncan 3 for 5lb 12oz and 3 for 5lb 8oz, James Elliott 3 for 6lb 8oz, Stefan Grant 3 for 6lb and Craig and Jordan Seath shared a4 for 7lb 8oz including 2 Golds.

The Fishery is open from 8.00am to 8.00pm every day except for Thursday when we close at 2.30pm.

WOODBURN – (Milton of Campsie) The fishing conditions are certainly getting back to normal now with the colder nights helping to cool the loch down nicely. We are stocking weekly with cracking trout and with the reservoir  full to the brim with gin clear water things are looking really good.  The cooler water temperature is attracting the fish to feed closer into the side where they are bashing the minnows – so fry patterns are strongly recommended. 

Float tube angler S Hay had a great session ending up with 11 to the net mostly on Buzzers, Mr Bennett from Airdrie only managed 1 but it was a nice double figure rainbow, on two visits Brian Crossan  had 6 fish for 16lb on the bait pond,  M Oliphant (Falkirk) 3 c/r –  largest 7lbs and John Milling from Glasgow had 5 c/r. Mick Clinton from Kilsyth had 6 c/r, Frank Murray 2 for 8lb on the bait pond, Peter Clark (Kilsyth)  6 c/r, Mr Russell 3 for 9lb on bait, Mr. Shearer (Blantyre) 2 c/r best a  5lb tiger trout, Paul Gallagher (Glasgow)  10 c/r, Ben Mccready (Glasgow) 7 c/r,  Sam Wylie (Glasgow) 2 c/r – biggest  9lb, Wullie McCallum 3 c/r – estimated 19lb in total and Mr.. Irvine from Milngavie had 3 for 8lbs on bait. Stephen Smith 5 c/r, David Hay 6 c/r, Don Stewart from Lenzie had  3 c/r  – heaviest  8lbs, Mark Anderson 3 for 9lb on bait and Mr. Montgomery, over 3 visits, took 9 for 29lb on bait.

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