Fishing News Roundup 12

I just don’t know where these weeks are going, here we are at the end of another.

Let’s take a moment to venture beyond this week’s media petrol panic BS and look ahead to something more inspiring.

If you’re starting to think about a foreign fishing expedition for next year then it might be worth checking out this post from Aardvark McLeod – Ten Reasons to Go Trout Fishing in Spain 2022.

Only take a look if you want to experience amazing fishing and fabulous food and wine… haha. Here’s the link to the Aardvark McLeod post.

This is a great video shared from FB by David Miller. This fish knows exactly where he wants to be! Sorry, can’t find out who shot it. If you know please get in touch so we can add a credit.

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Here’s this week’s roundup.

Kailzie trout fishery boss approaches final service on expanded water created from old tennis courts

Edinburgh Evening News

Billy Wilson from Armadale with his 17.5lb trout at Bowden Springs

It is the end of an era at popular Kailzie Trout Fishery near Peebles next month when Jimmy Barrett locks the gate for the last time. Jovial Jimmy has been at the helm for 15 happy years and admitted that the decision to walk away was not taken lightly. However, he has decided to retire and is moving to Selkirk with his wife Jane who has also been a key element in the success of the fishery. Read more…

My Journey North… On to the Tyne

Fish and Fly

Andrew puzzles it out! – Story: John Bailey

Once again, thank you indeed to those who have commented on my time on the Eden, and yesterday I made it North East to the Tyne. I left Melmerby before dawn and crossed the hills towards Hexham, the Northern Pennines I’m presuming. At height, the clouds closed in with sheets of rain and strong winds, but as I dropped down towards Warden the temperatures rose appreciably and the skies lightened. Nicer fishing I thought, but perhaps not in terms of results. Read more…

Angling Notes: Increase in illegal fishing recorded in 2020

The Irish Times

Aiden Heffernan (left), winner of Lough Ennell Trout Preservation Association fundraising competition, with club chairman, David O’Malley. – Story: Derek Evans

Despite Covid travel restrictions, the number of prosecutions rose to 119 and 1,287 illegal fishing items were seized. Safeguarding Ireland’s fisheries is a round-the-clock job involving planned day patrols, covert night patrols and intelligence-led surveillance operations. Despite the fact travel restrictions were in place for much of last year, our teams recorded a higher level of illegal fishing, compared with 2019, according to Dr Forde of Inland Fisheries Ireland. Read more…

Fly Fishing With Panache

In Depth NH

George Liset is pictured with the little brother of the big one that got away. – Story: George Liset

John Gierach wrote in his book, A Fly Rod of Your Own that, “The goal of fly fishing isn’t just to catch fish, but to catch them with style. Or, to put it another way, no one ever sets out to be half-assed at anything.” One is never more conscious of fly fishing with style as when you fish with another person or in front of other people. Read more…

Gary Townsend’s recipe: Trout Grenobloise

The Herald

Trout Grenobloise – Story: Gary Townsend

This is a classic French dish that was on the menu in the restaurant where I first started my career as a chef. It’s such a simple way to cook fish and one of the tastiest, it’s also really easy for you to recreate at home. It tastes even better if you’ve caught the fish yourself! Serves 1 -2. Read more…

The life and death of a fly rod

Hatch Magazine

Story: Spencer Durrant

Fly anglers tend to anthropomorphize the objects of our obsession to such a degree that I often wonder if it’s us or five-year-olds who possess the most active imaginations. Nevertheless, the assertion that fly rods are more than just tools shouldn’t be too hard a claim to swallow. For a group of folks that regularly affirm that trout are capable of elaborate, deductive reasoning, I reckon there’s room for the idea that fly rods are more than the sum of their parts. Read more…

Angling: Blood sport or wholesome pastime?

It is estimated that almost 3 million people go fishing in the UK every year. Angling can provide a welcome relief from life, allowing people to get away from the stresses of work and enjoy some relaxing time outdoors. But over the years, animal rights groups have begun looking at the ethics behind angling. After all, the fish are often killed, or at least maimed, all in the name of sport. Read more…

Fishing industry in 2020 statistics


The Marine Management Organisation (MMO) has published its annual UK Sea Fisheries Statistics 2020. The publication is a summary of:

  • The UK fishing fleet
  • Its activity at sea
  • Landings – how much fish they catch and land
  • Effort – how long they spend at sea
  • Trade

Read more…

Environment Agency enforces annual close season for salmon and sea trout fishing

The Westmorland Gazette

Story: Savannah Nicholson

The Environment Agency (EA) is enforcing the annual close season prohibiting fishing over the winter months to help protect salmon and sea trout from disturbance when spawning. The byelaws prohibit fishing for salmon and sea trout this autumn, with fishing due to resume in early 2022. In the North West the annual close season for migratory trout (sea trout) is October 1 to March 31. Read more…

The Boyd Report

WOODBURN – (Milton of Campsie)The fishing is improving vastly with lots of fish now moving in all weather conditions. Owner Sandy Bankier said “We restocked last week with some larger fish as the water temperature came down – they just wont move in the warm water so we have a really good average of fish in at the moment from 2lbs upwards. The east end of loch is producing some nice catches where the fresh water blasts in and the fish absolutely love it. They are feeding  really hard on the fry down that end but the fish can be just a bit more picky down there – lots of anglers are getting big swirls up to their flies but some just won’t take but that’s fishing for you.”

Jim O’Reilly landed a lovely 4lbs 8oz  tiger trout that took ten minutes to net, Dean Sutherland from Kirkintilloch had 6 c/r – best 7lbs, Peter Clark (Kilsyth) 2 c/r – best a 9lb 8oz blue, Johnny Curran 3 c/r biggest 15lbs 4oz, Mr Robertson (Glasgow) 4 c/r and Frazer Grier from   Bishopbriggs had 5 for 15lbs on bait. Don Stewart from  Lenzie had 11 c/r,  P. Rennie 4 for 12lbs 8oz – best 5lbs, R Grey 7 c/r including one at 16lbs and two at 10lbs. Mr Caldwell (Wishart) 1 at 12lbs, Mr. Mason (Falkirk) 4 c/r, R Gardner 3 for 7lbs 4oz and J Strang took 3 for 9lbs 8oz. C Mulholland 4 c/r, I Sharp 4 weighing 10lbs 8oz, Stephen Frazer 2 for 5lbs 8oz and  S Berry took 4 for 12lbs 8oz. 

FRANDY – (Gleneagles) Fishing from the bank Raymond Pirrie from Tullibody caught and released 8, John McTear (Wishaw) 3 c/r, Crawford McEwan (Newmains) released 4 and Ronnie Turnbull  from Tillicoultry had  5 c/r. On the boat front Brian & Andrew Kennedy  from Glasgow caught and released 22.

Returns from the angling clubs included Rainbow A/C who kept 15 fish weighing 25lb 6oz, Gartmore A/C released 21, Badenoch A/A kept 3 fish weighing 5lb 12oz, Bridge of Allan 76 14 fish weighing 30lb 12oz and the Wallyford A/C kept 7 fish weighing 13lb 14oz

The best catching flies included the Daddy Longlegs, Pearly Invicta, Bibio Hopper and  thee Cormorant whilst all areas of the Loch continue to fish well.

 ORCHILL LOCH – (Braco) Anne Orr from Tullibody had 3 fish for 8lbs on Buzzers, Paul McKenna (Lochgelly) 2 fish for 8lbs 4oz on a Daddy, Ricky Watt (Lochgelly) 3 fish  for 9lbs 8oz on a Dennis the Menace and Buzzers, D Robertson (Banknock) 3 fish weighing 7lbs on Hoppers and Buzzers and Robert Forsyth from Blairlogie had  2 fish for 5lbs 8oz on a Wotsit. S McDonald from Perth used a Damsel to take 1 for 4lbs, N Hay (Perth) 2 fish weighing 7lbs 12oz on Dries, Allan Knox (Peebles) 5 fish C/R on Buzzers, M Wood (Yorkshire) 1 fish 3lbs on a Damsel and Donald Blyth from Doune had a brace for 4lbs 8oz on a Black Nymph. 

SWANSWATER – (Stirling)  It was a mostly dry and bright week with cooler nights, especially midweek.  A slight drop in water temperature in the middle of the week led to an increase in the water oxygen level and resulted in the fish being much more active than they have been.   There was also more breeze than there has been for most of the summer, and this meant it was ideal conditions to cut some of the weed on Swanswater – a job that needs some wind to help shift the debris.   As a result, a lot of fish were caught in the Far Bay which has benefited from the work done.  The area between the Dam and the Big Tree was also fishing well.  For most of the week the fish were in the top 3 feet of the water and were taking the usual wide variety of flies.  Favourite patterns included Daddy, Hopper, Muddler, Spider, Bibio, Kate McLaren, Viva, Diawl Bach, Buzzer, Damsel, Dancer and Cat’s Whisker.  On the bait pond spinners, worms and power bait were all working well, with the fish often just below the surface.The Fishery is open 8.00am-7.30pm every day except Thursday when we close at 2.30pm.

Some of the best bags taken on the fly included Sean Bell 5 for 22lb from the Millpond including 7lb Gold, and Rainbows at 5lb 4oz and 5lb, Danny Doherty 5 for 16lb 4oz including 7lb 4oz Blue, plus 5 C&R including 5lb Brown, George Johnson 5 for 9lb from the Meadow Pond, Robert Watt 4 for 13lb 8oz, biggest at 4lb, Robert Park 4 for 12lb including a Brown, plus 2 C&R and Willie Nyguist 4 for 11lb and 3 for 6lb 8oz including 2 Golds from the Millpond.Tam Baillie 4 for 10lb 8oz, Keiran Lydon 3 for 9lb, plus 7 C&R including 7lb 8oz Gold, Greg Muir 3 for 8lb 8oz including a Brown, plus 1 C&R, Lee Marowski 3 for 8lb, Barry Hamilton 3 for 7lb 12oz, Nan Morrison 3lb 4oz Brown and Peter Collins caught and released 7.Ian Whitfield caught and released 6, Alan Kirkham caught and released 4, Stephen Smith caught and released 4, Ian Whitfield jnr caught and released 4 including 7lb Gold and Michael Tierney caught and released 3 including 6lb Rainbow and a Gold.

Some of those catching fish on the bait pond included Lewis Miller 3 for 6lb including a Gold, Lewis Watson 2 for 3lb 8oz including a Gold, John McCafferty 5 for 10lb, Jamie McLaughlin 2 Golds for 5lb 12oz and McKenzie Greener 2 for 4lb. Michael Walker 3 for 9lb including 4lb Rainbow, Chris Elder 5 for 9lb including 2 Golds, Brian Newson 2 for 4lb, Colin Flaws 2 for 4lb and PJ Morgan 2 for 4lb including a Gold.

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