Fishing News Roundup 130

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Step Outside your Comfort Zone: “Fly Fishing the Surf”


Story: Ken Baldwin

Discover the thrill of fly fishing the surf and increase your angling skills. I love books. I collect them and actively seek them out in old bookstores and thrift shops. I’m always on the lookout for new fly fishing literature, both from known and unknown authors. Finding a well-written book is like treasure hunting. Finding a first edition of an old classic is treasure hunting. Read more

Women shown fly fishing is a fine way to enjoy nature

The Irish Times

Story: Derek Evans

Women from all over Ireland arrived at Laois Angling Centre with one thing on their mind – to learn how to fly fish. The aim of this day for beginners was to introduce the women to fly fishing and to set them on the road to becoming independent anglers. The breeze that pulled at the upper layers of the lake didn’t achieve much of a ripple. Everyone was grateful that there was neither snow nor frost. Read more…

Mass strandings of rare fish baffle Orkney residents

BBC News

People in Orkney have been left baffled by the stranding of thousands of fish on beaches in Shapinsay and Finstown. Atlantic saury are considered to be rare in local waters. But in the last few days thousands of them have apparently deliberately swum ashore to die. Malcolm Russell, secretary of the Orkney Trout Fishing Association, told BBC Radio Orkney that some fish he returned to the sea turned back and grounded themselves again. Read more…

UK Gov Invests Nearly £21M in England’s Fisheries

Mirage News

The Environment Agency has today revealed how the money generated from over 900,000 licence sales has been reinvested into fisheries across the country. The Annual Fisheries Report sets out how £20,900,000 in income from fishing licences, further boosted by £1,400,000 of government funding, has been reinvested to maintain, improve, and develop fisheries, carrying out surveys of fish stocks, improvements to habitats, and supplying and restocking more than 450,000 coarse fish. Read more…

Finding religion on one of Canada’s last best Atlantic salmon rivers

Hatch Magazine

Story: Chris Hunt

I get it now. For years, I’ve bemoaned the notion that, for some deep-seeded reason known only to those crusty souls who worship at the altar of the Atlantic salmon, their chosen fish sits atop the throne of the fly-fishing monarchy. First, I’m a landlocked Idahoan, for whom the luster has worn off of my state’s meager steelhead fishing opportunities. At home, chasing fish returning from the ocean has become depressing. Every year, the numbers seem to dwindle. Now, the decision to stay off the water is based almost solely on a crisis of conscience. Do I dare fish for anadromous trout that are hardly viable now and likely won’t be with us, at least in any reasonable numbers, 20 years from now? Read more…

Lake Jurassic Yields Another Monster Trout


Tying One of my Top Caddis Pupa Flies by Davie McPhail

Davie McPhail

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