Fishing News Roundup 134

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Woman loses ‘half her leg’ and needs 55 surgeries after scratch from fishing line


Story: Cameron Hill

A woman lost half her thigh and endured 55 surgeries after a small scratch from a fishing line became infected. Michelle Milton, 36, now has a wound that oozes with pus and is begging doctors to remove her ravaged limb altogether. Her ordeal began on August 18, 2019, on a fishing trip when a line in her front pocket pierced her right thigh. Read more…


Scottish Field

Story: Elle Forbes

The Crown actors Dominic West and Jim Murray discover what is being done to help wild Atlantic salmon numbers in the River Deveron. They are an indicator for the health of our rivers, coastal environment and seas. But iconic wild Atlantic salmon numbers are in crisis having suffered a decline of 70% across the North Atlantic in the last 30 years. In the River Deveron, in Aberdeenshire, conservationists have launched a new project in a bid to protect the salmon, by safeguarding them against the effects of climate change. Read more…

Fury as water firm begins pumping wastewater into one of Britain’s most celebrated river that is famed for its salmon and trout fishing

Daily Mail

Story: John James

Furious residents living on the banks of the Test chalk stream in Hampshire have said planned pumping works from Southern Water could introduce ‘an Olympic swimming pool’ of sewage into the river every day. The Test in Hampshire, one of around 200 chalk streams in the world, is famed for its salmon and trout fishing and its diverse wildlife. Read more…

The Crown actor James Murray slams sewage discharge plan

BBC News

The Crown actor James Murray has branded plans to pour diluted sewage into the River Test as “sacrilegious”. Southern Water has installed equipment to allow it to carry out so-called over pumping to ease pressure on the sewage works at Longparish, Hampshire. Read more

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