Fishing News Roundup 16

Good morning once again and happy Sunday. Hope you haven’t forgotten to put your clocks back an hour if you’re in the UK. The obvious news this week is the ongoing fishing spat between the UK and France which has basically become nothing more than a load of political posturing, and for that reason alone I’m not going to go there.

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Here’s this week’s roundup.

Scottish Open Fly Fishing Championship – how to enter, how much it costs and prize money

Edinburgh Evening News

Lachlan Peaston with his 13.5lb trout at Bowden Springs. Contributed by his father, Andrew – Story: Nigel Duncan

Entries are being accepted for next year’s Scottish Open Fly Fishing Championship with a first prize of £2,000, second £1,000, and third £500. Each heat winner receives £100. The heats are Sunday, May 15, Sunday, May 29, Sunday, June 12 with the Grand Final on Sunday, September 4. There is a practice day on Saturday, September 3. Read more…

Evolution of Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing New Zealand

Evolution of Fly Fishing – An interesting look back in time – Story: Monty Wright

The artificial fly is quite ancient as a means of deceiving trout. For as early as the third-century anglers were using flies on the unsuspecting trout of the Macedonia River. Although this is just the first time it was recorded in written history, it may well have been earlier than this period. In this article, we take a look at the long evolution of fly fishing. Read more…

Weighing It All Up

Fish and Fly

Not even this heart-stopping grayling was weighed… better to get it back quick! – Story: John Bailey

A friend has just sent me a veiled diatribe in a recently published book. In it, although I am not named personally, but someone very like me is accused of not weighing a certain fish, but of guesstimating its weight for some vague gain after the event. Weird. The estimates were suggested by the half dozen witnesses to the capture, and what gain I or anyone could hope to have from the weight of a fish is beyond me. I know this chap of old, so nothing he can sling at me either surprises, annoys, or upsets. Read more…

Salmon fishing season over after ten months of tight lines

STV News

Story: Saul Sievwright

After ten months of welcoming tight lines, the salmon fishing season is over for another year. It’s been a successful one at Cargill in Perthshire, with anglers landing hundreds of fish since the season launched back in January. David Godfrey, ghillie on the Cargill Beat of the River Tay, told STV News: “We’re certainly up on our last five years and we’re up on our five-year average. “We landed just over 300 salmon this year, which was good.” Read more…

The angling ‘sixth sense’

Angling Times

Could dreams really anticipate our success or failure? Dreams. Superstition. Intuition. These things have always had a strong hold on anglers. Lots of us struggle to sleep before a big fishing trip, to say nothing of the strange things that enter our minds as we drift off. But do great anglers really have a kind of “sixth sense”? Could dreams really anticipate our success or failure? Or is this a phenomenon that can be explained by science? Read more…

Angling Notes: Kilmeaden fishing contests raise funds for river rescue group

The Irish Times

Brian Brennan (second left), winner of the Knockaderry Cup receiving the cup from Waterford Trout Anglers’ Association member, Michael Drinan, with club chairman, William Hanrahan – Story: Derek Evans

Mention the name Kilmeaden and the word cheese comes to mind. Although the world-famous cheddar cheese manufacturing plant has ceased to exist since 2005, the name is still synonymous with most people. Read more…

Supply chain issues hit angling

Angling Times

But the tackle industry is still optimistic for the future.

While angling has thrived over the last two years, global uncertainties and rising prices are still hitting home, trade insiders are warning. While Covid and Brexit have played their parts, however, the tackle industry is still optimistic for the future. So what can anglers do to keep up with the changes? Which items are impacted most? And are we likely to see shortages and pay more for items as Christmas approaches? Read more…

The Boyd Report

ORCHILL LOCH – (Braco) The water is now very cold with the fish taking everything from dries to colourful lures. Michael Robertson from Dunning had 6 fish C&R weighing approximately 20 lbs on the Wotsit, Allan Stirling (Auchterarder)  2 4lb fish C&R on Dries, Hamish Carmichael (Alloa) 2 fish for 6 lbs on a Green Fritz and an 8lb brownie that was returned, Drew Turnbull (Perth) 2 fish 4lbs 8oz plus a few brownies on C&R,  Shaun Clayton (Braco) 8 C&R on the Foam Beetle including 5 Brownies best 3lbs and Jimmy Linton from Moodiesburn took 6 fish for 16lbs on an Exstacy, Colin Clement Tyndrum 4 fish

13lbs on a Yellow Dancer, D & C Harrison (Stirling) shared  13 fish C&R on a White Egg, Jim Gray (Stirling) 3 fish for 8lbs 11oz on an Orange  Blob and Geoff Barker from Dunfermline had 3 fish C&R on a Sedge.

SWANSWATER – (Stirling)  It was a cool and mostly overcast week with some sunny spells, some drizzly rain and, on some days, a bit of a breeze.   The water temperature started the week at 9oC, went up a couple of degrees midweek, and was back down to 8oC by the weekend.  The water was slightly coloured last Sunday but cleared quickly and clarity was excellent for most of the week.   On Swanswater, the fish were well spread out with the Far Bay, Far Side and Dam area all fishing well, as were the boats.  Most of the fish were to be found in the top 3 feet of the water, with many taken in the top 18 inches in the middle of the week.  As they were fairly active, a medium to fast retrieve was working well.   Favourite fly patterns included Dancer, Ally McCoist, Cat’s Whisker, Damsel, Diawl Bach, Cormorant, Egg, Black Beetle, Snatcher, Buzzer and Hog Louse.  On the bait pond, the fish were generally a little bit deeper and were taking maggots, green or white power bait and spinners.The Fishery is open every day from 8.00am to 5.00pm except for Thursday when we close at 2.30pm.

Amongst the best bags taken on the fly were Eddie McKillop 3 for 13lb including 8lb 4oz Gold, Barry Lee 3 for 12lb from the small ponds, including 6lb 8oz Gold, Dave Lewis 4 for 14lb 12oz including 6lb 2oz Rainbow, Jim Spiers 3 for 11lb 4oz including 6lb Rainbow, plus 1 C&R, Jim Allan 2 for 7lb 8oz from the Millpond, including 5lb 4oz Gold, Alan Stirling 5 for 14lb and Willie Nyguist 5 for 12lb, plus 10 C&R. Danny Doherty 5 for 11lb 8oz, plus 7 C&R, Stewart McKay 4 for 10lb, Sandy Donald 3 for 7lb 8oz, Tam Baillie 3 for 7lb, plus 3 C&R, Eddie Hudghton 2 for 7lb 11oz, plus a Brown C&R and Eddie McKillop jnr 2 for 6lb 8oz. David Cunningham 2 for 6lb, plus 2 C&R, Jamie McGowan caught and released 18, Frank Barr, in two visits, caught and released 17 including 2 Golds, Jordan Morrison caught and released 9, Davy Graham caught and released 5, Tim Gelliatry caught and released 4 including 2 Browns ad James Mackie returned 5lb Brown.

Some of those doing well on bait included Daniel Forrest 2 for 4lb 4oz, Calan and Brian McLachlan shared 5 for 10lb 8oz including 2 Golds, Justin and Louise Parsons shared 3 for 7lb, Scott Hogg 2 for 4lb and James Elliott 3 for 6lb 4oz.  Martin Germanis 3 for 6lb including a Gold, Alistair Smith 2 for 4lb, Jiri Uhyrek 3 for 8lb including 4lb Rainbow, Ramsay Conroy 2 for 6lb and Stephen Christie 3 for 6lb including 2 Golds.

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