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Here’s this week’s roundup.

Few fish to be found at Loch Watten Early Bird event

John O’Groat Journal and Caithness Courier

One of the quickest Dounreay Fly Fishing Association competition weigh-ins on record took place last Saturday morning following the club’s Early Bird event on Loch Watten. Read more…

Fly-shooting might put the UK sector on the verge of collapse, so the EU is waging a fishing war.


Fly-shooting might put the UK sector on the verge of collapse, so the EU is waging a fishing war. The EU’s latest fishing tactic to exploit the UK’s waters has enraged environmentalists, who fear that the practices used by the bloc’s fishermen would cripple the British market. Read more…

Global Fly Fishing Reel Market 2021-2029 Trend Analysis and Top Companies: Ross, Hatch, Abel, Nautilus, Waterworks Lamson, Sage Reels, Hardy, Tibor, Galvan

Daily Search Scoop

The recent document on the Global Fly Fishing Reel Market is aimed to offer details regarding the most important industry aspects such as the growth rate forecast, market drivers, contribution of the industry in the economic growth of the regions. Read more…

Fly fishing offers quiet, calm of the Maine outdoors

The Sun Journal – Bethel Citizen

Warmer waters, decreased levels of dissolved oxygen and higher salinity will modify habitats and affect the distribution of saltwater species and their ability to reproduce,” according to Fly Fishers International. Read more…

More Thoughts From A Devon Heatwave

Fish and Fly

In response to R’s comments on salmonids in the heat, I find the subject critically interesting. In the event, we fished languidly, simply for visual images without any hope of hooking anything, and in that we were barely disappointed. The important consideration here is for the fish, and in that we must all be in accord, I am quite sure. Read more…

7 Adventures On The Ultimate Fishing Bucket List

Travel Awaits

My friend Jill and I were invited to learn how to fly fish on this trout-filled river high in the Colorado mountains, and as hosted guests of Broadmoor, we had a day ahead of us of learning the Zen-like art of fly fishing. Read more…

Brexit fishing FURY: Boris accused of ‘betrayal’ as ‘industry will be gone’ thanks to EU

Daily Express

A FORMER Brexit Party MEP has issued a scathing attack on Boris Johnson for “betraying” the fishing industry in the UK. Not only has the Prime Minister betrayed the industry but the Brexit deal agreed in December will lead to the end of the industry in the UK, former MEP June Mummery has claimed. Read more…

Outlander river project

Midlothian View

A bid to bring wild salmon back to a stretch of river made famous by hit show Outlander is moving forward. Work to remove barriers along the River Tyne in East Lothian could open up around 200km of waterways to migrating salmon and sea trout. The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) said the work is one of the largest fishing channel projects it has ever undertaken. It is targeting disused weirs, once used to divert water from the river to mill waterwheels, and looking at ways to remove them and open up the river to fish. Read more…

Introducing a new weekly report from fishing correspondent Jim Boyd

FRANDY – (Gleneagles)  Fishing from the boats Alasdair Mair from Loch Inch caught and  released 6, Tosh Stuart (Auchterarder) kept 1 fish weighing 3lb 8oz and  released 4 and Andy & Davie Hunter  from Alloa caught and released 6. On the angling club front the Western A/C caught released 8, East Kilbride A/C kept 23 fish weighing 46lb 4oz and returned 19. 

The top taking flies included the Bibio Hopper, Spiders and the  Daddy longlegs whilst the best fishing areas was the  Dog-Leg, Middle & North Shore.

ORCHILL LOCH – (Braco). With the lovely weather the water temperature has risen so the fish are being caught from under the surface to deep down, with Dries, Buzzers, Nymphs, Diawl Bach and many different lures.  On Sunday the Vale of Leven Club had a very hot day taking 33 fish for 89lbs 12oz with  Jason McGee having the heaviest basket with 4 fish for 14lbs 8oz on Buzzers. William Smillie from Kilsyth had 2 fish for 8lbs on a Damsel and  Black Spiders, John Beatson (Alloa) 3 fish for 7lbs on a Damsel, Peter McLean (Clackmannan) 6 fish C&R on Lime Green Eggs, Jake Munroe (Perth) 3 fish for 8lbs 8oz on Dries and and Billy Clarkson from Dunblane took 2 fish  weighing 5lbs on Buzzers. Shaun Clayton from Braco had 2 fish for 4lbs plus 14 C/R on Dries,  Alistair Sangster (Blackford) 10 fish C&R on Eggs, John Gilchrist (Stirling) 19 fish C&R on Eggs, Jimmy Linton (Moodiesburn)  4 fish weighing 14lbs on a Damsel and John Speedie from Cumbernauld took 15 fish C&R on Damsels.

SWANSWATER – (Stirling) It was a very hot week at Swanswater – either bright sunshine or overcast and muggy.  The water temperature rose to 19oC.  The fish were once again most active in the mornings before things got too hot and were to be found at the Dam and in the bridge area.   They were mostly around 3 to 4 feet down in the water but were to be found nearer the surface when there was some cloud cover.   A wide variety of flies were taking fish including Ally McCoist, Cruncher, Cormorant, Damsel, Diawl Bach, Buzzer, Black Spider and Kate McLaren.  On the bait pond, power bait, worms, maggots and spinners were all taking fish. The Fishery is open from 8.00am to 9.00pm every day except Thursday when we close at 2.30pm Please continue to observe current covid guidelines including hand hygiene and the wearing of face masks in Reception.  

Amongst those doing well on the fly pond were Grant Mooney 5 for 19lb 4oz including 7lb Gold and 4lb 4oz Brown, Callum McMillan 2 for 9lb including 6lb Rainbow, Peter Baird 2 for 7lb 4oz including 5lb 4oz Rainbow, Heather Johnston 2 for 7lb including 4lb 6oz Brown, Donald McMurchie 5 for 12lb 10oz and James Elliott 5 for 10lb 12oz.  George Dobbie 3 for 9lb 12oz, Kieran Lydon 3 for 7lb including a Tiger, plus 1 C&R, Scott Reid and son, Connell 2 for 6lb 8oz from the Millpond including 4lb 8oz Rainbow, Davy Quinn 2 for 5lb, plus 6 C&R and Robert Smith 2 for 5lb, plus 1 C&R. Colin Tate caught and released 6 in one visit and 15 on his second visit, Frank Barr caught and released 9 on each of his two visits including a Gold and Robert Stevenson caught and released 4.

Some of the best catches on the bait pond included David Currington 10 for 22lb on two tickets, Tam Hislop 2 for 4lb, Cole Hislop 2 for 4lb on one visit and 2 for 4lb 4oz on his second visit, Barty Kirby 3 for 5lb 12oz and Brian Cox 2 for 4lb 8oz. William Davers 2 for 4lb, Robert O’Brien 3 for 6lb, David Livingstone and Owen Purdy shared 6 for 14lb, Sam Neilson 3 for 6lb and Rory Steven 2 for 4lb 12oz. David Cope 2 for 4lb, Zack Lawcroft 2 for 4lb, Ian Fern 4 for 7lb and Giraldis 3 for 7lb.

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  1. Out with club on raith lake kirkcaldy it was a scorcher but still produced fish i struggled a bit until i put on my killer the brown bear then it was bang bang 5 fish in about 30 min then lay back for a while .about 36 fish for 8 anglers most on boobys deep


    1. Sounds like your brown bear did the job. Well done on the five fish in half an hour! I hope you’re still smiling:)


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