Fishing News Roundup 22

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Angling Notes: Strong opposition to proposed salmon farm in Connemara

The Irish Times

Fishing the Lower Dawros River in Connemara, Co Galway, one of many rivers under threat from a proposed fish farm in Ballinakill Bay. Photograph: Angling Ireland – Story: Derek Evans

In a forthright letter to the Minister for the Marine, Charlie McConalogue, and relevant Government officials, the chairman of Galway Bay Against Salmon Cages (GBASC) has protested against the application by the multinational salmon farm company MOWI for a new 3,500 tonnes (22 cages) salmon farm in Ballinakill Bay SAC, Connemara, Co Galway.

The following is an edited version of the said letter. Read more…

UK agrees 2022 fishing catch limits with EU and Norway

Gov UK

Some of the fishing trawlers of the Brixham fleet in harbour – Story: Gov UK

The UK has (on 10 December 2021) reached an agreement with Norway and the European Union on catch limits for 2022 for six jointly managed fish stocks in the North Sea. The agreement signals the Parties’ continued commitment to the sustainable management of North Sea cod, haddock, plaice, whiting, herring, and saithe to ensure the long-term viability of these stocks. The agreement has also established plans to review the distribution and management of shared stocks such as hake – a measure that aims to safeguard stocks that are important for the whole UK catching sector. Read more…

Rushbrooke Lake brings back so many positive memories

Suffolk News

Rushbrooke Lake in May 1991 – Story: Chris Boughton

There is little doubt that Rushbrooke Lake (also known as Rougham Lake) evokes angling nostalgia like no other fishery locally. I made only a brief reference to the lake in last week’s angling article and it prompted several emails reflecting on the past and asking whether I knew what the future fishing plans for the lake are. I do not have any information on the estate’s plans but I can relay some of what I know about the lake’s past. Read more…

Is the angling trade finally going green?

Angling Times

As the environment takes centre stage, players like Dynamite Baits, Aptus and the Anglers National Line Recycling Scheme are taking bold action on sustainability… but anglers need to play their part too

With environmental issues looming large in the minds of anglers, parts of the fishing world are taking bold steps towards a greener future. Against a backdrop of spiraling plastic pollution, global warming, and the recent COP26 summit, there is overwhelming demand for faster, more decisive action. But are businesses listening and are we doing anywhere near enough? Read more…

Sea Angling Classic 2022 gathers momentum

All At Sea

The Sea Angling Classic is a unique international fishing competition taking place on 15 – 19 June 2022 based from Portsmouth and using the diverse Solent fishing grounds. The event is a catch, photograph and release format, focusing on five species: Tope, Smooth hound, Rays, Bass and Black Bream. With the largest and most valuable prize table ever offered in a UK sea fishing event, the competition has already captured the imagination of anglers. It is not difficult to see why with a £150,000 prize table on offer in the Recreational Boat Category including a high spec, fully rigged Extreme 745 Game King and trailer. The Charter Boat Category has a £50,000 prize table up too. Since registration opened in October, boats across the two event categories already have more than 150 anglers signed up. Read more…

Anglers must take every precaution when fishing for ferocious pike

Edinburgh Evening News

Brian Gerrard with a 20-pound pike in Linlithgow – Story Nigel Duncan

Pike angling is in full swing and there are three main styles commonly used, according to Edinburgh-based Bryan Chalmers of The Pike Anglers Alliance for Scotland, lure fishing, fly fishing and static dead-baiting. Pike are ferocious predators but once out of the water they are prone to damage caused by bad handling and anglers must take every precaution not to injure the fish, or themselves. Read more…

My Christmas present to myself is a fishing book

The Northern Times

Dr Keith Williams

COLUMN: Northern Lines by Dr. Keith Williams

Each Christmas I treat myself to a fishing book. Such is the richness and diversity of the literature available, it will not be an easy choice, and I have yet to make a final decision on this year’s purchase. Even within the relatively narrow sphere of fly fishing, there are many genres to choose from. Pragmatic guides on fishing technique sit alongside those more philosophical in nature examining why we fish, books on fly tying technique, listings of fly patterns, casting techniques, collecting fishing tackle, details of where to fish, and so on. Read more…

The Boyd Report

ORCHILL LOCH – (Braco) It has been very quiet again with the extremely cold weather resulting in the water being mostly frozen.  The Falcon FFC came up on Saturday and although the first hour was pleasant the rain came on and it turned very cold.  Despite this, they caught 51 fish for 131lbs with Willie Barr having the heaviest bag at 12lbs  mainly on a Damsel Nymph. Ebon Davidson from Perth took 3 fish for 8 lbs on a Humungus, George McCulloch (Armadale) 4 fish for 11 lbs on a Damsel and an Okey Dokey, Donald Blyth (Doune) 2 fish for 6 lbs  8 oz on a Cat and Shaun Clayton (Braco) had his best day here taking 24 fish onC&R – best 7 lbs.

SWANSWATER – (Stirling) It was a cold start to the week which saw the water temperature drop to 2.5oC before rising a little to finish the week at 4oC.   There was also some ice on the water some mornings and some snow showers.  Heavy rain midweek did not affect the water clarity which is still excellent.  In the chilly conditions, the fish are mostly to be found 3 to 6 feet down and spread out around the main pond, with the Dam and the Island the favourite spots.  Most are being taken on lures, including Cat’s Whisker, Dancer, Egg, Ally McCoist, Pink Fritz, or Bloodworm.   Entries are now being taken for the Day After Boxing Day Competition which will take place on Monday 27th December.  For full details and to enter, please contact the Fishery.  The Fishery is open 8.00am to 4.00pm every day except Thursday when we close at 2.30pm.

The cold weather reduced the number of anglers out enjoying their sport, but a selection of this week’s catches on the fly ponds included George Evans 5 for 15lb 8oz, plus 2 C&R, Alan Evans 5 for 13lb 12oz including 2 Golds and a Blue, plus 3 C&R, Willie Nyguist 4 for 11lb, Jordan Mason 3 for 9lb, Danny Doherty 3 for 8lb 10oz and Jim Spiers 3 for 8lb including a Tiger, plus 2 C&R. Ian Munroe 3 for 8lb, plus 5 C&R, Donald McMurchy 3 for 8lb, Barry Lee 3 for 7lb from the Millpond, David Drummond 2 for 6lb 12oz including a Gold, Ian Cann 2 for 6lb, Chris McGreevy caught and released 9,  Chris Brennan caught and released 7 including 2 Golds and John McGeachey caught and released 6. Dean Torrance caught and released 5, Gregor McGregor caught and released 5, Callum McMillan caught and released 5, Ross Cochrane caught and released 4 and Brian McDonald caught and released 4.
On the bait pond, Adam had 3 for 11lb including 6lb 8oz Rainbow and a Gold, Graeme McCurdie 3 for 7lb including 2 Golds, and Martin Anderson 3 for 7lb.

WOODBURN – (Milton of Campsie) Despite the recent awful weather conditions the fishery is absolutely buzzing with the fish being very active.  Some really big fish are being caught mostly on lures fished on an intermediate line. Featuring amongst the catches was Don Stewart from Lenzie with  16 c/r, Wullie McCallum (Moodiesburn) 12 c/r, Tony Pride 5 c/r,  Campbell Norrie 20 c/r,  James Dunsmore 3 c/r – largest 11lbs 8oz, George Lynch (Milton of Campsie)  4 c/r  – biggest 13lbs  and Mr. Cairns from Kirkintilloch had 8 for 24lbs. Andy Houston from Glasgow 10 c/r, Mr. Patterson Stirling 5 c/r  – heaviest 13lbs, Mr. McIntyre (Kirkintilloch) 9 c/r, Steven Lee (Bishopbriggs)/13 c/r – biggest 14lb, Adam Turner (Kilsyth) 12 c/r and Ian Bruce  5 c/r – best 13lb & 11lbs. John Jack from Airdrie had 1 for 14lb, Don Stewart (Lenzie) 7 c/r – best 15lb, Davie Robertson 11c/r, Grant Blair 12 c/r, Jim O’Reilly  (Glasgow) 6 c/r – largest  11lb, and Grant Blair had 11 c/r.

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