Fishing News Roundup 24

Yes, I know it’s Boxing Day today, but that’s no excuse to not have a glance at some of the last week’s fishing shenanigans. First off let me wish you a Very Merry Christmas for yesterday, I hope you had a pleasant and restful day. Now that we’re past the ‘Big One’, it’s time to regain a bit of sense and get on with normal life again (albeit under yet more Covid restrictions). Anyway, let’s not dwell on the roadblocks of life and crack on with the news:)

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Here’s this week’s roundup.

Fishing without a licence costs two Staffordshire men over £1,200

Gov UK

The Environment Agency carries out enforcement work all year round and is supported by partners including the police and the Angling Trust. Story: Environment Agency

Day’s fishing trip results in a penalty of £1,238 for the angling duo. A fishing day trip to Carney Pools in Bishton, Stafford on 9 May this year for 2 men from Staffordshire has resulted in them each receiving a penalty of £619 for fishing without a licence. Their cases were brought to Cannock Magistrates Court by the Environment Agency on Tuesday 7 December where 27-year old Jon Hill of Dunbar Close, Stafford and 20-year old Sean Hill of East Holme, Hilderston, Stone were each ordered to pay a total penalty of £619. An annual fishing licence would have cost them just £30 each. Read more…

In Praise of the Pike – Theo, that is!

Fish and Fly

Story: John Bailey

It seems that I cannot avoid Theo Pike. Yesterday I received an email from him, quite out of the blue. Today, my wife comes home with a handy guide to invasive species called The Pocket Guide to Balsam Bashing and which is written by… Theo Pike. And of course, not long ago I reviewed the excellent Wild Trout Trust book, Not Really Fishing, edited by Denise Ashton and… Theo Pike! So, let’s look at this particular Pike in more detail. Read more…

45 Finest fluorocarbon line in UK (2021): After Researching 98 Choices

Pro Gamer

Are you on the lookout for knowledgeable recommendation on shopping for one of the best fluorocarbon line in UK? In that case, you’ve arrived on the proper place, as a result of I’ve ready this information after spending an enormous time testing, reviewing, and researching. I’ve added 45 dependable choices obtainable in the UK. Read more…

Government Support for National Trawlermen’s Remembrance Day

Fishing News

East Hull Labour MP Karl Turner’s move to set up an annual national remembrance day for lost trawlermen looks certain to go ahead for 2023, reports Brian W Lavery. The MP told Fishing News that transport minister Robert Court spoke to him before the specially called Commons debate last Monday night. Read more…

Reeled in: EU council approves post-Brexit deal on shared fishing stocks

City AM

Story: Nicholas Earl

The European Council has backed a deal between the EU and UK on their shared fishing stocks, after months of wrangling between both parties. The agreement determines fishing rights for around 100 shared fish stocks in EU and UK waters, including the total allowable catch limit for each species. The terms of the new agreement will apply retroactively as of 1 January 2022. Read more…

Angling Notes: Giant carp survives the pollution in a Paris canal

The Irish Times

Parisians inspecting the drained Saint-Martin canal and the lamentable dumping of many items in the facility, including 100 electric bicycles. Photograph: Coyau Wikimedia Commons – Story: Derek Evans

Despite the rubbish, more than 4.5 tonnes of fish were discovered including a 20kg carp Parisian authorities undertook the mammoth task of finding out just what exactly was lurking in the Saint-Martin canal which hadn’t been cleaned in 15 years. As expected, among the discarded rubbish polluting the canal were many everyday objects, according to an article by Nam in greedy Before they could begin drainage and cleaning, the workers needed to create a temporary dam in order to section off the area. Once the water had been filtered through the impromptu dam, the drainage process began. Read more…

Pingers on Fishing Nets Found To Save River Dolphins in Indonesian Borneo

The Good Men Project

Pingers emit regular high-frequency pulses that are sufficiently audible to dolphins to serve as a deterrent – Story: Carolyn Cowan

The last 80 Irrawaddy dolphins that inhabit the Mahakam River in Indonesian Borneo lead precarious lives. Their forays to find fish are frequently thwarted, sometimes fatally so, by a series of near-invisible gillnets that hang passively in the water column to ensnare fish. More than two-thirds of recorded river dolphin deaths in the Mahakam are due to entanglement in these fishing nets. Read more…

The Boyd Report


ORCHILL LOCH – (Braco) The fishing has been good with plenty of fish being caught on a wide variety of flies even some dries. Sonia Leyden from Stirling had 13 fish C&R on Buzzer and 2 on dries, John Gilchrist (Stirling) 19 fish C&R, Struan and Andy Davie (Perth) had 19 fish C&R on a Cheese Egg, Mikey Robertson (Dunning) 1 fish 3 lbs on a Kate McLaren and William Williams from Stirling had 3 fish for 9 lbs on CDC’s. A Burns from Perth took 3 fish for 7 lbs on a Black Death, Jimmy Linton (Moodiesburn)  8 fish 18 lbs on the Ecstasy, B & A Weir (Bannockburn) shared 6 fish for 18 lbs  4oz on Black lures, Dougie McLeish (Buchany) 2 fish 5 lbs on a Pink Egg and Hamish Carmichael from Alloa hada brace weighing 6lbs on a Straggle Budgie.

SWANSWATER – (Stirling) The week started mild and overcast and ended a good deal cooler and still overcast with fog on Saturday.   Water temperature rose from 4oC on Sunday to 7oC on Thursday and Friday before dropping back to 6oC on Saturday.  Water clarity remains excellent.  The fish were at varying depths throughout the week being much nearer the surface from midweek on as the water temperature rose, with the Golds being very visible just under the surface.  The Far Bay and Dam areas were the most productive.   Nymphs took the majority of fish this week with a couple of days when nothing was caught on lures!  Favourite patterns included Diawl Bach, Buzzer, Olive nymph, Cormorant, Montana, Snatcher and Damsel.  Fishery opening hours for the coming week are as follows – Monday 20th to Wednesday 22nd, 8.00am to 4.00pm, Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th, 8.00am to 2.30pm, Christmas Day and Boxing Day, closed Monday 27th Charity Fly Competition on Swanswater – small ponds open as normal 8.00am to 4.00pm.

A selection of this week’s catches included Willie Nyguist 3 for 11lb, including 6lb Rainbow and a Gold, Calan McLachlan 3 for 10lb including 6lb Rainbow and a Gold, Gordon Crawford 3 for 8lb, Donald McMurchy 3 for 7lb 12oz, William Wells 3 for 7lb 8oz from the Meadow Pond, David Young 2 for 6lb 12oz and Callum McMillan 2 for 6lb 8oz. Danny Doherty caught and released 12, Stewart Marshall caught and released 11, Stevie Plank caught and released 10, Alan Kirkham caught and released 9, Mark Anthony caught and released 7 and John Devine caught and released 6. Neil Shedden caught and released 5, Bill Henderson caught and released 4, Thomas O’Neil caught and released 4, Ryan Smith caught and released 3 and Ian Whitfield caught and released 3. 

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