Fishing News Roundup 25

A very warm welcome to this week’s Fishing News Roundup and I wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year. Let’s hope 2022 is a little less fraught than the past couple of years for everyone.

Things have been somewhat quiet regarding fishing news this past week, but there’s still a couple of bits of news that I thought you may find interesting. So, here we go.

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Here’s this week’s roundup.

The tragedy behind Luke Jennings’ turn from Killing Eve’s Villanelle to fly fishing


Luke Jennings with a pike he caught at a pond on Hampstead Heath – Story: James Murray

HE WAS a newspaper dance critic for 13 years, dreaming up the stories in his spare time that would eventually inspire the BBC’s hit thriller, Killing Eve, starring Jodie Comer as his beautiful assassin Villanelle. But after three volumes, and three television series so far, in a plot twist no one could have predicted, the next chapter in Luke Jennings’ writing will be a short story for an anthology about fly fishing, called Lifelines. Read more…

Poppers in the salt might get you more than you bargained for

Hatch Magazine

Photo: Chad Shmukler – Story: Chris Hunt

Years ago, while fishing a giant flat in the backcountry of Long Island in the Bahamas, I came across my first “mud” — a busy conglomeration of jacks, snappers and barracudas, and a few bonefish — engaged in a mass of moving fish. SIlvery scales caught rays of sunshine and flashed them back into the heavens as they fed on a ball of bait. The larger fish, like the ‘cudas, were chasing the smaller fish that were probably chasing something even smaller, like bunker or shad. Read more…

Fisherman finds ‘foot-long World War Two bomb’ off Severn estuary

Wales Online

Martin says the group’s finds are attracting ‘astonishing’ attention on social media which he says can only help – Image: Martin Morgan – Story: Jonathon Hill

A fisherman got more than he bargained for while out on the Severn estuary this week. Martin Morgan was looking for bait a mile offshore when he came across what he believes to be a foot-long World War Two bomb on the seabed in the Black Rock fishing grounds not far from the Newport wetlands. Read more…

Salmon and sea trout fishing to be banned in 66 Irish rivers following new legislation


Humpback salmon caught under licence in the Umba River, Tersky District. Lev Fedoseyev/TASS – Photo by Lev Fedoseyev\TASS via Getty Images – Story: Shauna Corr

Salmon and sea trout fishing won’t be allowed in 66 rivers across Ireland from January 1 because falling numbers puts them “at risk”. They include fishing spots in Cork, Dublin, Galway, Donegal, Sligo and more. Read more…

Trawler sank off Duncannon within a minute of crew abandoning ship, report finds


The F V Aztec emerging from under the water during the recovery operation last January. Story: David Looby

The crew of a Cork-registered trawler had a lucky escape off the south Wexford coast last year after their vessel sank within one minute of abandoning ship after a 350kg weight punctured a large hole in its deck. A report by the Marine Casualty Investigation Board has today revealed how the accident caused F V Aztec to swiftly submerge on January 11 last after taking in water off of Duncannon Harbour. Read more…

UK fishing industry and coastal communities receive £75m boost

Gov UK

On Monday 27 December, the UK government announced a £75 million investment to modernise the UK fishing industry and level up coastal communities. The financial boost that will serve to rejuvenate industry, increase capacity to land and process more fish, upskill fishers, support long-term sustainability and support job creation, will be delivered through two funding schemes forming the second and third parts of the £100m UK Seafood Fund. Read more…

81 Irish Rivers Open for Salmon Angling in 2022


The Minister for the Environment, Climate and Communications, Eamon Ryan TD, has approved legislation that will govern the wild salmon and sea trout fisheries in 2022

The Minister for the Environment, Climate and Communications, Eamon Ryan TD, has approved legislation that will govern the wild salmon and sea trout fisheries in 2022. These will come into effect from Saturday, 1st January 2022. Minister Ryan said: “81 rivers will be available for salmon and sea trout fishing in 2022. This will allow careful management of this important natural resource, for which conservation is paramount. 45 of the rivers will be fully open, with a further 36 available on a ‘catch and release’ basis. Improvements in stocks can only be achieved collaboratively over time and are entirely dependent on everybody redoubling our conservation efforts in the face of environmental, climate and human impacts.” Read more…

The Boyd Report

SWANSWATER – (Stirling)The annual “Day After” charity competition in aid of Strathcarron Hospice, was held on Monday 27th December.  The weather was overcast, calm and relatively mild and, with the fishery having been closed for two days over Christmas, the conditions were excellent for the 19 participants.  Things started well with many anglers hooking in to fish within a few minutes of the starting whistle and many more also catching on their first peg.  As it was a catch and release competition, the time of the first fish caught was recorded in case of a tie in points. Two points were awarded for the first fish caught on each peg, with one point for any subsequent fish on that peg up to a total of five fish per peg.  

The fishing continued to go well with bent rods all around the pond.  Although there was a bit of a hot spot in the bridge area, fish were caught from each of the 24 platforms in use.  With the fish around 3 to 4 feet down, the favourite patterns were blobs, eggs, buzzers, damsels, and dancers.   A total of 113 fish were recorded as caught and, with barbless hooks being used, there were a sizable number reported as lost as well.

At the end of the day, the competition was very close, and with the fish being well spread out, the final result came down to the fact that the winner caught at least one fish on seven out of his eight pegs and caught his first one within 5 minutes of the competition starting. Daniel Shelton finished first with 11 fish for 18 points, with Malcolm Miller second with 14 fish for 18 points, although he didn’t catch his first one until slightly later.   Stevie Plank, with 12 fish for 17 points, was third, and there was a tie for fourth place between Charles Devine (10 fish),  Logan Gibson (11 fish) and Robert McColl (10 fish), all on 15 points.  The prize for first fish went to Aaron Kirkwood.

We would like to thank all those who took part and to those who donated prizes for the competition and the raffle, including Glasgow Angling Centre.  A good day was had by all, and everything took place safely out of doors.A total of £600 was raised for Strathcarron Hospice.

WOODBURN – (Milton of Campsie) The fish have been moving all over the place in the flat calm and the bung is certainly proving productive with all sorts underneath it.  Dean Sutherland noticed fish going for other anglers indicators and decided to change to a Worbingtons  (imitating a loaf of bread!!) – a great decision as it got him fish after fish with the largest tipping the scales at 17lbs.

Plenty of other good catches included Blair Campbell with 8 c/r – biggest 14lb, Wullie McCallum from Moodiesburn had  14c/r – largest 18lbs, Don Stewart (Lenzie) 11 c/r, Johnny Cairns 9 c/r – best 8lbs, Dave Kerr 42 cr 6 doubles over 2 visits, Neil Young (Armadale) 6 c/r and Blair Campbell from Glasgow had 8 c/r – biggest 8/9lb. Willie McCallum from Moodiesburn had 9 c/r, Don Stewart (Lenzie) 8 c/r  – best 2 at 8lbs,  Wullie McCallum 9 c/r, Mr O’Brien (Lennoxtown) 4 c/r, Mark  Anthony 8 c/r and John Shaw took 4 c/r – largest a 5lb blue. Peter Tanner from Kirkintilloch had 6 c/r, George Stuart 10 c/r, Willie McCallum Moodiesburn 12 c/r – biggest  8lbs, Davie Robertson (Glasgow) 5 c/r, J Bain 5 c/r – biggest 11lb, A Kirkwood 5 – best 11lb and Dean Sutherland from Kirkintilloch had 21 c/r over 2 visits.

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