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Here’s a selection of the world’s fishing news, articles and features from the past seven days. As always, please let us have your comments, thoughts and suggestions about how we can improve this regular feature.

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Here’s this week’s roundup.

Change to fishing laws proposed after “dramatic decline” in Severn salmon

Powys County Times

Natural Resources Wales is urging members of the public to get involved with proposals for the River Severn after a “dramatic decline” in fish stocks. A 12-week consultation on proposals for catch control bye-laws for salmon fishing on the Welsh side of the River Severn got underway this month, with NRW urging anglers and interested parties to have their say on proposed new byelaws that aim to protect the salmon and sea trout stocks on the river. Read more…

Salmon boost for Marel’s earnings

Fish Farmer Magazine

Marel, the international fish and meat process equipment group, has reported a strong order book during the second quarter of this year, thanks in part to record demand in the salmon sector. Read more…

Outdoors in Maine: The school of sparse a study for fly fishers

Sun Journal

Like so many other dimensions of life, the fly-tying community has its disparate schools of thought. Which is better or more effective, a sparsely-tied artificial fly or a gaudy, heavily dressed creation? Since I no longer hover over the fly-tying vice, my credentials when it comes to debating the pros and cons of modern fly dressing may be open to question. Read more…

Bracey secures KML Trophy as Dounreay Fly Fishing Association members return to Loch Watten

John O’Groat Journal and Caithness Courier

Dounreay Fly Fishing Association members returned to Loch Watten for another competition last Wednesday evening in the hope that fishing had improved since their previous event four days earlier. As the 17 anglers launched their pre-allocated boats for the 6pm start, the light north-west wind was just enough to keep midges and caenis flies away – but it also kept fly life on the water down, and rising fish were scarce until nearer lines up at 10pm. Read more…

Ban on trout fishing in Argyll loch following distressing reports of heatwave-induced fish deaths

The Press and Journal

A ban has been imposed on hunting trout in Scotland’s longest freshwater loch as a heatwave is causing fish to die a painful death before they can be safely released. Read more…

‘Every tradition has to change’: German court rules that women are allowed to catch trout during a Bavarian town’s 500-year-old fishing event

Daily Mail

A German court has ruled that women cannot be excluded from a traditional event dating back to the 16th century.  The event sees fishermen compete to catch the biggest fish in a stream running through a Bavarian town.  The state court in Memmingen said the group that organises the town’s Fischertag, or fishermen’s day, must allow female members to participate in the climax of the annual summer event. Read more…

Passion For… Clean Rivers (Part 1)

Fish and Fly

Here at Thomas Turner we specialise in vintage and retro tackle, and pride ourselves on our knowledge of the subject. You could rightly say that tackle is our Passion, and we are always here to buy, to sell, and above all, offer advice on the gear you might just have found in your garage. All well and good, but there is a word missing: “fishing”. Read more…

Passion For… Clean Rivers (Part 2)

Fish and Fly

In the few days since TT first talked about the Passion For Clean Rivers, things have moved on, especially down on the Wye. The weekend just gone (24/25th July) saw large numbers of salmon dying in the middle reaches of this river, and barbel dead in the upper river above Hay and into Wales. Read more…

Scottish Canal Championships: New date for angling competition on Forth and Clyde Canal

Edinburgh News

The postponed Scottish Canal Championships have been re-arranged for Sunday, August 29 on the Forth and Clyde Canal at The Stables, Kirkintilloch. Read more…

River Deveron and Craigellachie: Six charged in illegal fishing crackdown

The Herald

Police have charged six people with poaching offences as part of a drive against wildlife crime, codenamed Operation Wingspan. The alleged incidents all took place in the north east in the past month. Read more…

The Boyd Report

ORCHILL LOCH – (Braco)The water is very warm so the fish are being caught at the burn mouth and round the springs in the shelter under the trees at varying depth depending on when the sun comes out. F Hepburn from Ballingry had 2 C&R for approx 14lbs 8oz including a brown trout estimated to weigh between 10-11lbs. C Conners from Ballingry 7 fish C&R on Black & Green Buzzers, Callum Mocure (Cumbernauld British Legion) 3 fish 7 lbs on Buzzers, Mikey Robertson (Dunning) 5 fish C&R approximately 15 lbs on a Sedge and William Brandon from Dunblane had 2 fish for 8lbs – best 6 lbs on a Buzzer. Peter Coelho from Paisley had 1 fish for 3lbs 4oz on an  Orange GH, Ewan McMeechan (Fallin) 4 fish 12lbs 4oz on a Damsel, John Gilchrist (Stirling) 11 fish C&R  on a wide variety of flies and A Burns from Perth took 3 fish for 9lbs on a Wee Pink Darling. J Linton from Moodiesburn 4 fish for 10lbs 4oz on a Wotsit, S Clayton (Braco) 8 fish C&R – best approximately 8lbs on Eggs and G & M Brownrigg from Callander caught 4 fish for 9lbs on a Cat.

SWANSWATER – (Stirling) The hot weather continued this week with water temperature peaking at 20oC.   Once again, the early part of the day was the most productive this week with the fish to be found near the dam in the morning and also in the bridge area.   When there was some cloud cover, they were near the surface, but otherwise where relatively deep down.   The bait pond was very popular this week and plenty of anglers had success using worms, power bait, mouse tails and spinners.   The most successful fly patterns included Dancer, Cut-throat Cat, Cormorant, Kate McLaren, Bibio, Buzzer,  Bloodworm, CDC and Daddy Long Legs.  The high water temperature, combined with low oxygen levels in the water, has led to the decision being taken to stop catch and release until further notice.   Kill only tickets will be available as normal on all three ponds and hopefully the cooler weather with some rain that is forecast for the coming week, will mean this is only a short interruption.  The Fishery is open every day from 8.00am to 9.00pm apart from Thursday when we close at 2.30pm.  Booking is advised and appreciated.  Please continue to follow Level 0 Covid regulations, including the wearing of face coverings in Reception.

Amongst the best bags on the fly were Donald McMurchie, in two visits, 4 for 11lb and 5 for 14lb 12oz including 5lb 12oz Gold, plus 3 C&R, Grant Mooney 4 for 16lb 12oz including 2 Rainbows at 6lb each, plus 2 C&R, Glen Anderson 4 for 11lb, George Johnson 4 for 10lb 8oz, Trevor Campbell 4 for 9lb 12oz and Barry Lee 3 for 8lb including a Brown. Robert Ashmore 3 for 8lb, Danny Doherty 2 for 5lb 8oz including a Brown, Kieran Letford 2 for 5lb plus 2 C&R, Dale Adams 4lb 12oz Rainbow, Frank Barr caught and released 21 in two visits, Graham Adamson caught and released 4 and Stuart Hay caught and released 2 including 8lb Gold.

Those doing well on the bait pond included Ian Wallace 5 for 12lb 8oz including 4lb Rainbow, Jamie McLaughlin 5lb 12oz Gold, Jiri Uhyrek 2 for 4lb, John McDonald 5 for 11lb, David Doyle 4 for 8lb, Andrew Doyle 2 for 4lb 8oz and Stuart Wallace 4 for 8lb. Tam Hislop 2 for 4lb 4oz, Gavin Mack 3 for 7lb 8oz, Callum McKay 2 for 4lb and Joe Neilson 2 for 4lb. Bob Sinyard 3lb 6oz Rainbow, Gary Mathieson 2 for 4lb, James Muir 4 for 8lb 8oz, John Burns 2 for 3lb 12oz. 

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