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Hello again and a very good morning to you. Welcome to another Sunday of fishing news and to kick things off we have a great photo from the River Beauly.

Fishing Mugs friend, John Clifford of Consett with his first salmon of the season on the River Beauly in Scotland.

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Long lost silver salver marks historic links between Derwent Fly Fishing Club and the Cutlers’ Company in Sheffield

The Star

Mr Ritson fishes the River Derwent – Story: David Walsh

One of the world’s oldest fishing clubs has marked its long history with the Company of Cutlers in Sheffield following the rediscovery of a 151-year-old solid silver salver. Derwent Fly Fishing Club donated the plate to the manufacturers’ organisation in honour of the many freemen and members – historic and current – they share. Read more…

Outdoor activities return to Whiteadder Watersports Centre

East Lothian Courier

Story: Cameron Ritchie

WATERSPORTS are returning to a reservoir in the Lammermuirs on a permanent basis after four years. Whiteadder Watersports Centre, near Garvald, plans to offer sailing, supported swimming sessions, stand-up paddleboards and sit-on kayaks, as well as fly-fishing, from April to September. The centre briefly opened in August last year for the final few months of the season and received good feedback from the public. Read more…

Underwater camera: large kokanee salmon nip at ice fisherman’s fly


F&S Fly of the Week: Hackle-Winged Rusty Spinner

Field and Stream

The Hackle-Winged Rusty Spinner is easy to tie and highly effective – Story: Morgan Lyle

A spinner fall is the driest of dry-fly fishing. It’s when trout aren’t watching for flies that swim up from the streambed, but rather for flies that drop from the sky.  Sure, some spinners, as spent mayflies are called, slip below the surface and are eaten there. But a spinner fall—the mayfly mating swarm that ends with flies floating helpless on the water, their wings lying flat—mostly means bites at the surface, right where so many of us want to catch our trout. And it’s 100 percent mayfly, the fly for which fly-fishing is named; caddis flies and stoneflies and midges don’t do this sort of thing. Read more…

Semperfli Fly Tying Materials receives Queen’s Award for Enterprise

The York Press

From left, Ann Kitchener, Gary Barnes, and Andy Kitchener, of Semperfli Fly Tying Materials Limited, which has received the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for International Trade 2022 – Story: Nadia Jefferson-Brown

A FAMILY-run business has been honoured with an award in recognition of its rapid growth in overseas sales. Selby-based Semperfli Fly Tying Materials Limited has received the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for International Trade for its outstanding short term growth. The award is only granted to companies which export more than £100K. Semperfli, which employs 21 people, has been producing its synthetic fly tying materials, which are used in the art of creating artificial flies for the sport of fly fishing worldwide, since 2010. Read more…

Fishing: Accessible angling helps Kenneth land monster rainbow trout

Edinburgh News

Kenneth Harper is pictured at Drumtassie – Picture and story: Nigel Duncan

Kenneth Harper can be seen bankside fishing at four days a week, come rain, hail, sun or strong winds. Nothing odd in that, you may think, as many anglers clock the hours in winter, spring, summer and autumn. However, the former long-distance trucker, who used to drive throughout Europe, is only able to pursue his passion from a motorised wheelchair. Sadly, Edinburgh-born Kenneth suffered severe spinal problems, but he remains cheerful, believing that fishing provides his relief from his physical problems, and the Rosyth-based fisherman recommends angling as a therapy for others who go about their daily lives with the aid of a wheelchair.Recently, he landed a 14lb 7oz rainbow trout at Drumtassie Fishery near Blackridge, the second biggest trout in his angling career which stretches back to when he was a youngster. Read more…

Study: Climate Change Results in Fewer Productive Fish Species

Fishermen’s News

A school of fish. File photo courtesy of Oceana/Eduardo Sorensen.

A new Rutgers University study finds that as temperatures warm during climate change, predator-prey interactions could prevent some species from keeping up with conditions where they could thrive, resulting in fewer productive fish species to catch in the future.  The study, published April 13 in the biological research journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B, presents a mixed picture of ocean health. Not only could large species and commercially important fisheries shift out of their historical ranges as climate warms, but they would likely not be as abundant even in their new geographic ranges. For instance, a cod fisherman in the Atlantic might still find fish 200 years from now but in significantly fewer numbers. Read more…

Tonge Moor Angling Supplies raise more for Bolton veterans

Bolton News

Story: Lewis Finney

TONGE Moor Angling Supplies have raised £1,890 for Bolton Armed Forces Centre 4 Veterans after their winter league charity raffle. Weekly tackle prizes were raffled to raise the money, which included donations by Preston Innovations, MAP, Guru, Sensas, Daiwa, Tricast, Matrix and Nu Fish. A spokesperson for Tong Moor Angling Supplies said: “This would not be possible without the help of all those involved. Read more..

Dry Fly Fishing on the River Doon with Davie McPhail


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