Fishing News Roundup 8

Hello and happy Sunday from the Fishing Mugs team and welcome to Fishing News Roundup 8. Here’s this week’s selection of fishing news, articles and features. Don’t forget to leave comments, thoughts and suggestions in the comments box at the bottom of the page.

Just before you dive in here’s a great shot kindly sent in by Peter Brown.

River Tay murthly 1 24th august 2021

And a couple from Michael Boyes entitled “Fab chub fishing”.

“I’ve just got back into fishing after 20 years. I collapsed in the street and I’ve had two spine opps and 14 procedures since. I caught these beautiful chub from my local small river the skern which is a very small Tributary of the river tees, the skern at one point was one of the filthiest rivers in the uk but I got a shock at the quality of these amazing chub, I have caught them over the last two weeks. Here are some pics as you can see in one of the pics the river if your lucky is 10ft across the biggest I’ve had so far was around 4 and half but after this I know there’s bigger it’s just finding the spot you can get in and fish as it’s very over grown. Really enjoying the sport again.”

Thank you for sending those in lads. It’s great to see you back fishing Michael and it’s good to know you’re enjoying the sport once more:)

If you have any photos and stories you would like to share with Fishing News Roundup readers, please pass them on to David Miller at and we’ll add them to the news page.

Now, on with the news.

Here’s this week’s roundup.

John Bailey: Season of mist and mellow angling

Eastern Daily Press

It’s that time of the year when the nights pull in and the days of summer begin to seem a memory. There’s dew on the riverbank, the orchards are heavy and the very best of the fishing year awaits us. But before careering off with my tackle, I like to read the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust report that comes out annually around now. When anything aquatic is mentioned, game fish tend to predominate, but what is good for the trout is good for the chub so it’s all one to me. Read more…

Review: Snowbee Classic fly rod

Hatch Mag

Snowbee’s entry-level rod is a versatile, impressive performer

Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect from the Snowbee Classic 7-foot, 3/4 weight—a rod made by a company I’d never heard of, that can’t decide which line it wants to toss, and is the most affordable offering in Snowbee’s lineup. Nevertheless, I made plans to baptize it in Appalachian creeks. Read more…

Fishing – Taylor argues for review of Outdoor Access Code

The Edinburgh Reporter

Fishery boss Bill Taylor (pictured) has launched a social media campaign which is fast gaining momentum as anglers face camping, fires, parking problems and issues with swimmers and paddle boarders at Scottish reservoirs. The initiative follows deaths in recent weeks – including one at Threipmuir near Edinburgh in The Pentland Hills – and the social media site Standing up for Fly Fishing in Scotland now has many posts from disgusted fishermen. Read more…

Gone Fishing: The Consultant’s View – North Uist

Fish and Fly

Some of you will love the programme, and will have watched BBC2 on Sunday 29th August at 8.00pm to see the first episode of Series 4. And some of you will not have done. The TV remote is in your hands, and whether to like Mortimer and Whitehouse and their fishing antics is a choice in your own hands. Read more…

Aran Islands RNLI respond to angling boat with engine difficulty


The Aran Islands volunteer lifeboat crew were requested by the Irish Coast Guard to launch their All-Weather Severn Lifeboat at 2.48pm, yesterday (Monday August 30th). An 11.6 metre angling boat, with nine people aboard was experiencing engine problems at the back of Inis Mór, the largest of the three Aran Islands, while out on a fishing trip. Read more…

Bob Seely meets with Greenpeace over threats facing the South Wight Seas

Island Echo

Conservative MP, Bob Seely, pictured on-board the Sea Beaver. Operation Ocean Witness is a six month Greenpeace UK operation, involving a new boat called Sea Beaver. The team will patrol the UK’s protected areas off the south coast and do what the government has so far failed to do – protect the UK’s marine protected areas from destructive fishing, a key Brexit promise which has been broken. Operation Ocean Witness will operate out of Newhaven from June until Autumn 2021. Read more…

Deadly Trout-Fly Combos for Hopper-Dropper Rigs

Field and Stream

Like a lot of fly fishing guides these days, Tom Sadler likes to boost his clients’ chances of catching trout by having them fish with two flies instead of one. He sets them up with the kind of rig known as dry dropper: one floating dry fly and one fly, usually a nymph pattern, drifting below the surface. Read more…

The Boyd Report

WOODBURN – (Milton of Campsie) Not a lot of surface activity right now due to the warm water temperature but good catches are coming to those prepared to fish that bit deeper. The Vale of Leven AC had a successful outing catching 32 fish weighing 92lbs which works out at a very impressive average weight.Also doing well was G Stewart from Armadale who had 2 fish for 21lbs c/r,  Don Stewart had 14 c/r over two visits – best 8lbs, Jim O’Reilly landed a fish estimated at 9/10lbs, Peter Clark 9 c/r – largest 12lbs and Paul Gallagher also had a 12lb fish in his basket of 5.Mr Turner from Kilsyth had 8 c/r – heaviest  11lb, Jock Irvine 3 c/r – best 6lbs,  Robert granger 3 c/r, Fred Paddon from Falkirk had 6 c/r, Neil Young 6 c/r, John Shaw (Kilsyth) 6 c/r and Neil Young 6 c/r. Declan Winters 5 c/r, Tony Pride 5 c/r, Tom Johnstone 4 c/r and Wullie Mcallum 4 c/r.

FRANDY – (Gleneagles) Fishing from the bank Davie Le Lodge from Sauchie caught & released 7, Andy Hunter (Alloa) 6 c/r, Ross Carnegie (Dunfermline) 6 c/r,  Robert Peden (Kelty) kept 3 fish weighing 5lb, Alan Stark (Falkirk) 2 fish weighing 4lb 8oz and released a further 7, Jim Carlaw (Kinghorn) kept 2 fish weighing 4lb and returned 2 and Raymond Pirrie from Tullibody caught and released 12.

Individual boat  returns included Scott Pozzi & Ivie Callison from Glenrothes caught and released 14, Lachie Bain & Joy Penrose (Cove & Kilcreggan) kept 3 fish weighing 6lb and released a further 2, Ian Mitchell (Pitlochry) & Tom Dowswell (Gorebridge) had 9 c/r, Brian Kennedy (Glasgow) 12 c/r and Scott Barrett & Billy Campbell from Stanley kept 6 fish weighing 12lb.

On the angling club front Dundee West End kept 28 fish weighing 55lb 9oz and released a further 15, Heriots A/C kept 9 fish weighing 19lb 8oz plus 35 returned, Penicuik A/C kept 14 fish weighing 30lb 8oz, Good Companions A/C kept 10 fish weighing 19lb 8oz., Kelvinside Academicals 23 c/r, Largs & District 21 c/r and Caley Liners caught and released 36.

The top taking flies and lures included the Sedgehog, Daddy Longlegs, Bibio Hopper, Foam Beetle, Kate McLaren and the  Claret Hopper whilst all areas continue to fish well.

ORCHILL LOCH – (Braco) on Saturday the Falcon Club had a frustrating morning with Jim Russell winning the Allan Davenport Memorial Cup with 4 fish for 10lbs 8oz on a HH Damsel, which was good as Allan was his cousin. Jim’s Grandson Colin aged 6 years showed up the other anglers by catching his first ever fish at 3lbs 12oz within 10 mins of  going on the water – very well done Colin. William Docherty from Alloa had 2 fish for 6lbs 8o on a Hopper, Forbes Raeburn (Alloa) 2 fish for 5lbs 8oz on a Damsel, Danny Conlon (Alloa) 2 fish for 6 lbs on a Hopper, Paul Welsh (Bo’Ness) 8 C&R on Buzzers & Damsel and Shaun Clayton from Braco had 5 fish C&R on Dries & Buzzers. Ian Law from Paisley bagged 2  fish for 7 lbs on a Cat, Jim Gillespie from Kirliston had 2 for 4lbs 8oz on Dries, William Brendon from Dunblane 2 fish for 8lbs 8oz on a  Buzzer and John Beatson from Alloa used a Blue Lure to take 2 fish weighing 5lbs 8oz. 

SWANSWATER – (Stirling)  Cooler nights this week led to a drop in water temperature from 16oC at the start of the week to 14oC at the weekend.  Fish were to be seen moving just below the surface, particularly in the mornings, but were mostly caught anywhere between 2 and 4 feet.   Some were chasing a very fast retrieve, others were taking almost static.  The best bank area on the main pond was around the big tree, with the boats also doing well.   The usual wide variety of flies was taking fish with the most popular patters being Cormorant, Hare’s Ear, Woolly Bugger, Dancer, Ace of Spades, Ally McCoist, Black Pennell, Bibio, Diawl Bach, Buzzer and Hoglouse.   On the bait pond spinning, worms and maggots were all catching fish with yellow or brown power bait also successful. The Fishery is open from 8.00am to 8.00pm every day apart from Thursday when we close at 2.30pm. 

Ricky Goodwin made two successful visits to the fishery this week taking 3 for 14lb including 8lb 4oz Gold, and 3 for 12lb 8oz including 6lb 8oz Rainbow and a Brown. Others doing well on the fly includedLiam Malloy 3 for 11lb including 6lb Rainbow, John Moyes 5lb 12oz Gold, John Park 4 for 12lb, Jim Donnelly 4 for 11lb and John McInnes 3 for 9lb including 3lb 8oz Brown, plus 3 C&R. Danny Doherty 3 for 8lb 8oz including a Brown, Joe Woods 3 for 8lb 4oz, Victor Fabrigat 3 for 8lb from the Millpond, Callum McMillan 3 for 7lb 8oz including a Gold from the Meadow Pond, Kris Elliot 3 Golds from the Millpond and Willie Nyguist 2 for 5lb 12oz. Greig Muir 2 Golds for 4lb from the Millpond, Barry Lee 2 Golds for 4lb from the small ponds, Michael Grant caught and released 13, Russ Johnson caught and released 9, Ian Whitfield caught and released 8 including a Brown estimated at 5lb and Graeme Adamson caught and released 5 including 5lb Rainbow. Gary McLachlan caught and released 5 and Paul Ryder caught and released 5.

Some of those taking fish from the bait pond included Alan Duncan 3 for 5lb 10oz including a Gold, John Pearson 2 for 3lb 8oz including a Gold, Stuart Wallace 2 for 4lb 8oz including a Gold, Calan McLachlan 2 for 4lb, Barry Chalmers and Jay Doig 5 for 10lb, Andrew Dick 4 for 7lb 8oz and Sam Parker 3 for 7lb.

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  1. Good morning you two!

    Even though I am by no means an angler or even a novice fly fisher, I thoroughly enjoy the weekly round up, especially when it features articles all about my neck of the woods. I live in Aberlour, on the banks of the Spey (which needs no explanation) but because I work full time in a high-end estate agency my days out with my next door neighbour (a fisherman of some 40 plus years’ experience) are limited.

    However, on my very first attempt at fly casting (not as easy as some people make it out to be) I caught two sizeable trout – much to the consternation of other chaps who had not caught a thing! Beginner’s luck say I.

    Anyway, keep up the good work and keep the news coming.

    Kind regards



    1. Good Morning Barbara and thank you for sharing your fishing tale!

      It sounds like your fishing prowess has a lot of potential;)

      Yes, we’ll definitely keep the news coming.

      All the best,
      Dave F.


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