Fly Tying Focus on Michael Rollinson

In our second ‘Fly Tying Focus’ feature, we caught up with Michael Rollinson from Yarm in North Yorkshire, who was taking time out from dressing flies for a well-earned fishing trip to the Tweed at Walkerburn in the Scottish Borders.

Michael rekindles his love of fishing

They say good things come in twos…and that’s certainly the case for Michael Rollinson. On the same day as he met his wife Marketa he came across a rod in a second hand shop that rekindled his love of fishing. He had lost touch with his favourite pastime whilst pursuing a career path in computer animation that took him to Newcastle’s Northumbria University, Manchester and London.

Michael Rollinson at Juniper Bank.

The chance find of a new fishing rod resulted in Michael turning the clock back.

“I started fishing on the Tees when I was eight and was really keen throughout my teens. Then studies came along and after getting an MA at Teesside University I then went on for BA (Hons) Design for Industry in 2003 and a Masters Degree at Newcastle.

“Work took me to Manchester and London where I worked at several VFX (visual effects) houses. After finding the rod I started fly fishing again in 2012 and moved back north when I got a job as principal cinematic artist with Zerolight in Newcastle,” said Michael.

Now living in Yarm, Michael is happily reacquainted with his favourite fishing haunts on the Tyne, Tweed and the Till in Northumberland.

Along the way he has also developed a passion for fly tying and is enjoying a growing reputation for the quality of his work. “I tie all my own flies and have never taken a salmon on a fly that I haven’t tied myself,” he said. His favourites include Yokanda Gold, Red Francis, Willie Gunn, Sunray Shadow and Silver Stoat’s Tail and he is currently exploring the intricacies of Mikael Frodin’s patterns. “I hooked a salmon using a Green Samarai fly this season but lost it when it jumped and fish and hook parted ways. It is such a fascinating pastime and the flies make great Christmas boxes for fellow salmon anglers,” added Michael.

His expertise in fly tying is bringing in more orders all the time. He has a strong link to Bishop Auckland Angling Club through a friendship with the chairman Len Hird.

“I tie all my own flies and have never taken a salmon on a fly that I haven’t tied myself,”

Michael Rollinson with his fishing mugs at Juniper Bank.

And his craftsmanship has now found a new promotional platform; Michael’s exceptional flies now gracing mugs produced by

Why not check out Michael’s mugs in the store? Just tap on the link at the bottom of each photo to view the in-store listing.

Tell Us About Your Fly Tying

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