Megan Boyd Helmsdale Shrimp

Megan Boyd “Helmsdale Shrimp” mugs are now available in our online store today.

Megan Boyd Helmsdale Shrimp

We’ve had a boatload of requests to design mugs that feature flies tied by the world-famous Megan Boyd, so that’s exactly what we’ve done and we’re starting with three unique designs. Megan Boyd is an absolute legend in the fly fishing world and it’s with great pride we can now offer three mugs based on one of her popular patterns, the Helmsdale Shrimp.

Play this 3D animation to see the three different designs as they morph from one to the other

A little bit about Megan Boyd:

Rosina Megan Boyd was originally born in Surrey on 29 January 1915. When she was three-years-old her father took a job as river keeper on the River Brora in Scotland and so moved the family to the Highlands.

As Megan reached adulthood her preferred style of dress, a man’s shirt and tie, sport jacket and heavy army-style boots were considered to be a bit eccentric, but her fly tying prowess was never in question.

Megan began her fly tying education at the age of 12, with lessons from another river keeper Bob Trussler who instilled the need for precision and quality in Megan’s fly tying work, an ethic that remained with her throughout her fly tying career.

Megan’s fly tying work took off with an order from Sir Charles Clauson who asked that a collection of gut-eyed salmon flies be reproduced with more modern eyed hooks (irons). Megan completed the job and her flies soon gained the reputation for being exceptionally tough and resilient, lasting for many fishing seasons. Upon hearing about her work, local salmon fishers began to demand Megan Boyd flies and from that point her fly tying career flourished.

Megan’s flies soon began to attract industry awards and particular notice from many fly fishing experts such as angler author Joseph D. Bates Jr who, regarding the world’s best fly tiers, was quoted as saying “The best are in Scotland, and of course Megan Boyd is the best in Scotland.”

She was awarded the British Empire Medal for her work by Queen Elizabeth II in 1971 but couldn’t attend Buckingham Palace as she was busy playing bridge and had nobody to look after her dog Patch. Prince Charles, a huge fan of her fishing flies, later presented Megan with the medal at his lodge in the highlands.

Megan and Charles became firm friends and he visited her at her tiny cottage in Kintradwell near Brora on numerous occasions.

Megan Boyd tied flies for nearly six decades until her eyesight began to fail at the age of 70. She was forced to retire from fly tying and eventually moved from her cottage to a nursing home where she was visited by Prince Charles in 2000. She died on 15 November 2001 at the age of 86.

To celebrate Megan Boyd’s contribution to fly fishing, we’ve produced a range of three limited-edition Helmsdale Shrimp mugs. For larger orders a personalised service is available.

Megan Boyd Helmsdale Shrimp Version 1
Megan Boyd Helmsdale Shrimp Version 2
Megan Boyd Helmsdale Shrimp Version 3

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