Sir Tom Moore NHS Fund Donation

This is a very special “Thank You” to everyone who bought NHS Warrior mugs from us over the past few weeks.

Dave Foster and David Miller
Dave Foster (L) and David Miller of Fishing Mugs Co UK show off the NHS Sir Tom Moore donation cheque. £1,100 was raised via fishing mugs sales of the NHS Warrior mug.

We have had the privilege of donating £1,100 towards the amazing Sir Tom Moore NHS fund thanks to your support.

Also, thank you to Bruce Reid who submitted the winning bid for the original Warrior fishing fly. Well done Bruce, your donation is going to a great cause (and you’ve also made shrewd investment).

We would also like to extend our thanks to the Vulcan 5757 Masonic Lodge in County Durham, for their gratefully received contribution towards the fund.

Fishing Mugs is a new venture for David and Dave and we’re both very keen to contribute towards community and charity causes on behalf of yourselves through product sales.

If you’re a keen fly fisher with a cause in mind and a fly we can promote, then we would be more than happy to design a mug and give your charity our full support.

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