So Special

What’s so special about our fishing mugs and fly artworks? One Simple Thing… We Care!

Yes, it is a rare thing these days. It does seem that many companies take customers for granted and basically treat you as just a number!

We do exactly the opposite. Every purchase you make with us is treated as an honoured transaction that requires special attention. No purchase is the same and everyone has special requirements. We treat each one accordingly!

If this doesn’t sound like the “corporate/business” speak you’re used to hearing then you’d better get used to it because we deal with real customers with real language and real business practices. You buy something from us and we fullfil that contract with gratitude!

Our mission? To deliver the very best products that’s in our power to provide.

Our process

We are fortunate to have contact with some of the most talented fishing flytiers around the world, and we are widening our net (so to speak). When you actually have a piece of their work in your hand you realise how much expertise and precision is invested in every single fly tying project, no matter how many times that particular pattern is tied. We feel duty bound to treat each of these invaluable works of art with the utmost respect they deserve.

Our photography and video studio has the tools and equipment necessary to ensure the very best lighting and capture results, whilst ensuring delicate handling of every fly and we do our very best to achieve images that do each fly justice and try to add our own artistic style that compliments every one.

Once we have the very best images we can achieve, they are then transferred to digital imaging workstation. The next thing is to colour grade and enhance every single image using industry leading software and also spend time painstakingly extracting every fly from the main image to provide a clean and background-free original.

Once we have this we then apply a bit of artistic licence to individual copies in preparation for application to our mugs, prints and posters.

Artwork is then handed over to our printing partners who work their own particular brand of magic to the finished product.

We are totally passionate about our products and hopefully this becomes evident to customers who receive their mugs, prints and posters orders.

We take notice

Everything we do is aimed at making your buying experience and product satisfaction the best it can be. With that in mind we listen seriously to each and every comment and suggestion from every single customer and visitor to our online store.

If you have a specific request or share your idea, we are more than happy to explore that to see if we can make it work for you and future customers. By the same token, if we’ve done something that you think can be improved, then we will definitely work to make things better.

Hey, we’re just two 60+ year-olds trying to do some good for folks who want a great fishing product, of superb quality, at a decent price. So all comments, complaints and suggestions are fully taken onboard.

If any of this resonates with you, and you want to make contact, please feel free to get in touch today!

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