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Fly fishing must do more to get youngsters hooked on the sport

Northumberland Gazette

Story: Bob Smith

Whenever there are fly fishing clubs visiting any of our superb still waters here in Northumberland, there is a distinct lack of youngsters taking part. To be honest all the local clubs, as far as I know, are struggling to attract youngsters and, more importantly, to keep them. Some of our still waters have invested in multipurpose lakes where youngsters can use light spinning rods, and bait to get them started. Read more…

Nymphing: When to ditch the dead-drift

Hatch Magazine

Story: George Daniel

I make a point of reflecting on my teaching efforts with the hope of becoming a better educator. This often means looking through past writing projects in search of things I failed to mention. One gap I quickly noticed was neglecting to highlight the importance of speeding up subsurface presentations, specifically when nymphing. There are numerous fly-fishing scenarios when we should ditch the idea of a natural dead drift and think about inducing drag to move the nymph faster than the current, as well as to create vertical movement towards the surface. Though there are several times when I feel a swung nymph presentation may outproduce a natural drift, one rises to the top: hatch time. Read more…

Dame Judi Dench is guest of honour at Wimbleball Lake event

West Somerset Free Press

A VERY special guest has helped a fishing group for people affected by cancer celebrate its 15th anniversary. Sunday 4th June was South West Fishing For Life (SWFFL)’s 15th anniversary celebration day. The organisation, which was founded at Wimbleball Lake on Exmoor is a fly fishing organisation for people suffering, recovering and living with breast cancer. Read more…

Weight of giant carp landed at Eliburn revealed

Edinburgh Evening News

Story: Nigel Duncan

A giant carp called Colin has been landed and safely returned to the water at Eliburn in Livingston and a local angler tempted the 26lb-plus common on a new bait bought at at local tackle shop. Ben White purchased the Mainline Clones bait at West Lothian Angling before venturing to the four-acre water which has also been producing sizeable tench in recent days. Davie Matthew, one of the founder members of the popular fishery, said that tench up to 6lb and quality bream plus sizeable ide, perch and roach have been netted recently by day ticket holders and season ticket anglers. Read more…

Tracking a Second Year of Salmon Migration in Galloway

Dumfries and Galloway! What’s Going On?

In 2021, the first phase of a salmon smolt tracking project took place, with young salmon tagged and monitored as they travelled down the Ken/Dee River system in Galloway. This gave a lot of information about how Salmon navigate down the river, with 58% of the tagged salmon smolts making it to the Inner Estuary. Building on the 2021 study, work has been underway in recent months to track the 2023 migration of smolts down the river, with a further 40 smolts tagged this year in advance of their trip downstream. Read more…

Pink salmon pose a risk to our native Atlantic salmon

The Northern Times

Story: Dr Keith Williams

Many years ago I was fortunate enough to travel to the Kola Peninsula for a fishing holiday. It was a great experience although I caught few fish. The target species was Atlantic salmon, but the River Kharlovka supported a few other species that piqued my interest. A fellow fisher caught a fine sea-run Arctic charr. We have charr in Scotland but they tend to be diminutive and they do not venture into the marine environment, instead remaining confined to lochs and a few stretches of river. Read more…

Fly fishing tactics fool giant Midlands pike

Angling Times

Over recent seasons fly fishing has accounted for an ever-increasing number of large pike, and last week Carl Hill became the latest angler to use the tactic to devastating effect. He banked this 36lb fish from a Midlands reservoir using a ‘Dragontail Bulkhead’ pattern, which he fished on a fast retrieve in the hope of improving his fortunes following a slow start. Read more…

Fly Fishing in a Scottish Heatwave

Davie McPhail

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