Fishing News Roundup 13

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Here’s this week’s roundup.

Must Interrupt Fishing due to Russian Military Exercise

High North News

The oceangoing fishing vessels’ organization says Russian defense forces’ conducting military exercises in areas of the Norwegian Sea and the Barents Sea is a recurring challenge. (Photo: Jonas Selim, the Norwegian Armed Forces)

Norwegian fishing vessels have to interrupt fishing in the Norwegian Sea and the Barents Sea due to Russian military exercises in the High North. Norwegian fishermen notify their organization increasingly often. “In Fiskebåt’s experience, the extent, as well as intensity of Russian military exercises, has increased over the past few years”, says Sturla Roald, Head of Division at Fiskebåt. Read more…

Annual fly fishing retreat is a special reprieve for women with breast cancer

Fox 47 News

Participants in Casting For Recovery fish along the riverbank. Story – Bob Hoffman, Adam Fakult

LANSING, Mich. — The Grand River is a staple in Lansing. It flows through the city, serving as a place to hang out with friends, do some fishing or walk along the riverbank. For one local group, it serves another very different and extraordinary purpose. East Lansing resident Dale Carlson visits the Grand River as part of the non-profit Casting For Recovery. Read more…

Return of the Native Angler

Fish and Fly

The Vicarage. Story – John Bailey

Apologies to Thomas Hardy for nicking his title, but events have taken me back to Norfolk this week, not to mid-Norfolk, around the Wensum, but right to the North on the coast where my very early childhood was spent. I booked into a B&B in a flint-faced village last night and took a run out into the darkening countryside. A barn owl passed me on ghostly wings, but it was the phantoms of a 1960 summer that haunted me. Read more…

French fishermen threaten to blockade Calais in fishing rights row

Shropshire Star

French fishing dispute

French fishermen say they feel deceived by the UK Government over fishing licences. French fishing industry representatives have threatened to block the port of Calais and stop exports to the UK in the run-up to Christmas, in the escalating dispute over fishing rights. French fishermen say they feel deceived by the UK Government for failing to grant them enough post-Brexit fishing licences to access British waters. Read more…

Minister visits Salmon Station as part of centenary celebrations

Causeway Coast Community

Minister for Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs, Edwin Poots MLA, has visited the River Bush Salmon Station in Bushmills, as part of the Northern Ireland Centenary celebrations.

The station is marking the Centenary milestone with an invitation for members of the public to come along and experience a behind-the-scenes peak. The Minister said:  “I was delighted to visit the River Bush Salmon Station to see first-hand the great work being carried out by the knowledgeable and experienced DAERA Inland Fisheries staff.  The station ensures the conservation, protection, development, and improvement of the salmon and inland fisheries of Northern Ireland. Read more…

Earliest evidence of fly-fishing unearthed on Jordan River

The Jerusalem Post

Prehistoric fishing tools from Dureijat. (Photo: PROF. GONEN SHARON, TEL HAI ACADEMIC COLLEGE) – Story – ROSSELLA TERCATIN

A new study by Tel-Hai College and international archaeologists showed that ancient fishermen in Israel employed incredibly sophisticated technology. Some 13,000 years ago, prehistoric inhabitants of the Hula Valley went fly fishing in the Jordan River and employed incredibly sophisticated tools, the peer-reviewed scientific journal PLOS ONE reported Wednesday. Researchers from Tel-Hai College in the Galilee, the US, Italy, and Germany employed a multidisciplinary approach to analyze artifacts and other remains collected at the Jordan River Dureijat site, including several bone fishhooks and six grooved stones. Read more…

Club anglers enjoy a successful week on the water

Torbay Weekly

John Sherlock 5lbs Rainbow Trout from Tavistock Trout Fishery – Credit: John Sherlock

After the exertions of the big competitions over the last couple of weeks, it is good to see some pleasure and club anglers out and about catching some nice fish. Daniel Patrick made an early start targeting Golden Grey Mullet and found fish up to 1.1lbs, Kyle Blackmore travelled East to one of the shingle beaches searching for Sole, finding fish up to about 2lbs. Jason Upham of Brixham SAC fished a local rock mark, finding Bull Huss of 10lbs 2oz and 9lbs15oz. Read more…

What to look for in a musky rod


Extended grips and fighting butts pull double duty in encouraging a strip set. By choking up on the grip and planting the fighting butt in your armpit, you effectively lock in a downward rod angle, making a strip set more natural (photo and story – Matt Reilly).

In any pursuit, it pays to have the right tool for the job. In the same way that tying flies on sharp, well-built hooks improves your hookup ratio, having a fly rod that’s designed specifically for your purpose makes your job as an angler infinitely easier, translating into more success. Specifically, in low odds games like musky fishing, where every little advantage skews the probability of success in your favor, having gear that works for you, that can withstand the paces and not fail when it counts most, is huge. Read more…

Alaska’s vanishing salmon push Yukon River tribes to brink


APTOPIX Yukon River Disappearing Salmon (Copyright 2021 The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

Two salmon species have all but disappeared from Alaska’s Yukon River this year, prompting the state to shut down fishing in an effort to save them. In a normal year, the smokehouses and drying racks that Alaska Natives use to prepare salmon to tide them through the winter would be heavy with fish meat, the fruits of a summer spent fishing on the Yukon River like generations before them. Read more…

The Boyd Report

SWANSWATER – (Stirling)  The week started overcast, mild, and breezy, with the water temperature sitting at 14oC.   As the week progressed, autumn weather set in with cooler air, lots of showers and some heavy rain, and strong winds.  Water temperature dropped by 4o during the week finishing at 10oC on Saturday.   As the water temperature dropped, the fish became much more active, and the fishing improved on all three ponds.   Although the water was cooler, the fish were still in the top 2 to 3 feet and could also be seen just under the surface from time to time.   Amongst the favourite patterns taking fish this week were Cat’s Whisker, Dancer, Damsel, Cormorant, Hare’s Ear, Diawl Bach, Cruncher, Buzzer, Gold Head Daddy, Bibio, and Kate McLaren.   On the bait pond, where the fish were also much more active, maggots, spinners, and orange power bait were catching most of the fish. The Fishery is now open 8.00am to 7.00pm every day except Thursday when we close at 2.30pm. 

Amongst the best bags taken on the fly were Alan  Prentice 5 for 13lb 10oz, plus 4 C&R including a Gold, Tam Baillie 5 for 12lb 12oz, Barry Hamilton and grandson, Kyle, shared 5 for 12lb 4oz Robert Smith 4 for 11lb 4oz, plus 3 C&R, George Johnson 5 for 10lb 12oz from the Meadow Pond including 3 Golds, plus 4 C&R Donald McMurchy 4 for 10lb and Sean Bell 4 for 12lb from the Millpond, including 2 Rainbows at 4lb and a Gold. Barry Lee 4 for 8lb including 2 Golds from the Millpond, Justin Breake 3 for 8lb, Scott Alexander 3 for 7lb from the Millpond, Danny Doherty 3 for 7lb, Joe Woods 2 for 6lb 4oz, Ian McDonald 2 for 6lb, Andrew Knox 2 for 6lb and Calan McLachlan caught and released 11, including 6 Golds. James McLachlan caught and released 11, including 4 Golds, Frank Barr caught and released 15, including 2 Golds, one estimated at 6lb, Fraser Redpath caught and released 7 including a Brown, Willie Sharp caught and released 6, Stephen Ward caught and released 6, Robert McCall caught and released 5 and Jordan Morrison caught and released 5. Will Hastings caught and released 5 including a Brown and Steve Morris caught and released 5, including 7lb Rainbow and a Gold. 

Those doing well on the bait pond included Fredrick Dalgaard 7lb Rainbow, Jack Ure 6lb Rainbow, Graeme McCurdie 2 for 5lb, Katelin Tallis 2 for 5lb, Jamie McLaughlan 3 for 6lb 4oz, Riley Lachut 2 for 4lb 8oz, John Fern 3 for 5lb 4oz, Barry McLaughlin 5 for 9lb including 2 Golds and Sean Fitzpatrick 3 for 6lb including 2 Golds. James Moffatt for 5lb including 2 Golds, Robert Johnson 2 for 4lb, Liam O’Hare 2 for 4lb, Logan Flaws 3 for 5lb, Eric Flaws 2 for 4lb 8oz including a Gold, Tam Hislop 5 for 10lb 4oz including a Gold and Jiri Uhyrek 3 for 6lb 4oz. 

FRANDY – (Gleneagles) Fishing from the bank John Wilson from Dunfermline caught and released 3, Crawford McEwan (Newmains) 5 c/r,  Jim McEwan (Newmains) 3 c/r and  Jim Donnelly from Tullibody kept 2 fish weighing 8lb and released a further 7. Fishing from the boats Bruce Goodbrand (Edinburgh) and Craig McIlroy (Crossford) kept 6 fish weighing 15lb, Graham Dear & Party (Scone) kept 4 fish weighing 8lb,  Ron Mitchell, Bob Miller & Brian Duncan (Dundee) kept 2 fish weighing 4b and released a further 4 and Scott Pozzi & Ivie Callison from Glenrothes had 7 c/r. 

On the angling club front Club LLAC kept 20 fish weighing 42lb, Ferry Fly Dressers kept 7 fish weighing 17lb 8oz,  CSSC Perth kept 17 fish weighing 40lb and the Farmers & Associates kept 26 fish weighing 53lb.

All areas of the Loch are fishing well and  the top catching flies have included the Green/Black Nomad, Humungus, Claret Hopper, and the Ally McCoist. 

ORCHILL LOCH – (Braco) The water is now a lot cooler with plenty of feeding for the fish making them quite fussy with what they will take.  Shaun Clayton from Braco 14 fish C&R (4 Brownies & 2 Blues) all on Dries, John Marshall (Cumbernauld)  1 fish weighing7lbs 8oz on a Baby Doll, Ron Weetman Dunning 1 fish 3lbs 8oz on a  Buzzer, Paul McKenna (Lochgelly) 3 fish for 8lbs 8oz on a Hopper and  Daddy and B & C Weir from Bannockburn shared 5 fish weighing 12lbs 8oz on a  Black Lure and a  Goldie, Peter Low (Auchterarder) 2 fish for 4lbs plus 2 c/r on Dries, J Murnin (Ayr) 3 fish 7lbs on Buzzers, J Arbuckle (Airdrie) 2 fish for 7 lbs on a Snatcher and Dries whilst Alistair Galbraith from Inveraray took 2 fish C/R on a  Dry Hopper. Donald Blyth from Doune 2 fish for 5 lbs on a Black Pennel and The Falcon FFC had a wild morning on Saturday for their outing that was won by  John Scullion with 3 fish for 8lbs 8oz on the Damsel.

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